Wednesday, August 5, 2009

But An Adult Might Want Some Too Press

This week M & I watched Last Year at Marienbad, directed by Alain Resnais, 1961. It was quite stunning so I decided to write a review of it, which I've never done for a movie before, but first, here are some stills from the movie:

Last Year at Marienbad

These people need their architecture. To watch the silverware clatter upon its marble floor. A fresh deck of cards spitting itself against the tabletop. Target shooting inside a corridor.

These people need reconstruction & denial, the act of strutting onto the balcony into a swarm of cocktails. Pine trees in the garden shaved down to knee-high pyramids.

They die like swans in bedsheets. Each stillness framed by a door.

To need a vast room, ajar. They crave a solitary act of rebellion, but only achieve it through contortion, falsification of rebelling against what one has requested and paid for in full.

Stiletto echoes, these non-committal memories click towards you, mixed with sentiment. Where the men are persistent & inadequate. So the women are persistent about something else.


Chris Tonnelli's new chapbook is out with Brave Men Press. I've been reading poems from No Theater in different journals, so I'm especially excited to read the series all together:

Buy it at :


Dan Magers said...

One Friday afternoon, after like five hours of morning classes, I watched this with my undergrad experimental writing class. It was the longest day of my life. I found out where all the 80s perfume commercials came from. I'm glad that baroque chamber piece is a part of my mental furniture though.

Sommer said...

just started reading sontag's against interpretation and other essays yesterday, she briefly mentions marienbad in the title essay. this book has already been a source of two coincidences.

Julia Cohen said...

dan, you are so right about the perfume ads! Although I think they still persist today, not just the 80s.

Dan Magers said...

Ah. I can no longer know, since I still have antannae TV. It's all Poltergeist channel, or nothing.

Julia Cohen said...
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mark hamill said...
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Chicky Wang said...


Kitchen Press said...

that movie is the friggin' best. we saw it on the big screen at film forum last summer.