Friday, July 24, 2009

Red Paws & Blond Pits: A Love Story Press

I'm in Mexico visiting my parents who live here. This is how we get to their house:

This is the public garden in town:


Issue 12 of Octopus Magazine is now online.
:: ::

The issue features eight poets, each introduced by a peer.

Lynn Xu
Heather Christle
Jennifer Knox
Tony Tost
Cathy Park Hong
Christopher Stackhouse
Amanda Nadelberg
Kristi Maxwell

Introduced by

Katie Peterson
Lisa Olstein
K. Silem Mohammad
The Lucipo Poetics List
Arda Collins
Rebecca Wolff
Chris Fischbach
Ann M. Fine

The issue also contains reviews of

Farrah Field, Dobby Gibson, Thomas Hummel,
Carrie Hunter, Ellen Kennedy, Melissa Kwasny,
Helena Mesa, Vanessa Place & Robert Fitterman,
Robyn Schiff, Jeremy Schmall & Justin Taylor

Reviewed by

Dan Magers , Ben Kopel, Sommer Browning,
Kathleen Rooney, Dave Madden, Steven Karl,
Karla Kelsey, David Carillo, & David Sewell


Khemraj said...

Really great?????

It is really nice love story Press.


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These are really nice pictures but the fourth one is best as far as I am concerned.

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gprofessionals04 said...

Lovely images! This is amazing and some sense of belonging is there. I do not know but i am feeling bit attached with these places.
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Luanne said...

Pictures are really beautiful as the title. You must have enjoyed the trip. I would love to travel to such a wonderful place.
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You must have a wonderful journey. It was so close to nature and culture.
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bug said...

Thats a feast for the eyes and enjoying it live in the lap of nature is a great experience.

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