Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Too Soon Press

H_NGM_N #8 is alive:

Brandon Shimoda & I have 2 collab-poems in it, amongst work by such poets, reviewers, artists etc as:

Nikki Painter • Nico Alvarado-Greenwood • Scott Bade • Erica Bernheim • Joseph Bienvenu • Jason Bredle • Paula Cisewski • Nina Corwin • Jordan Davis • Jessica Dessner • John Duvernoy • John W. Evans • John Findura • Matt Hart • Steve Healey • Cynthia Arrieu-King • Eric Kocher • Ben Kopel • Gregory Lawless • B.J. Love • Tony Mancus • Anthony McCann • Pete Miller • Alexis Orgera • Chris Rizzo • Broc Rossell • Brandon Shimoda • Julia Cohen • Rachel M. Simon • Jeff Simpson • Carmen Gimenez Smith • Chad Sweeney • Robert Whiteside • Joseph P. Wood • Jon Woodward • Lauren Levin • Matt Hart • Bill Dunlap • Christopher Higgs • A D Jameson • Zachary Tyler Vickers • Richard Froude • Andrew Grace • Chris Martin • Richard Meier • Mathias Svalina • Paul Jenkins • Amy King • John Dermot Woods • Cara Benson (on Chris Vitiello) • Patrick Dunagan (on John Coletti) • Aaron Kiely (on Joseph Lease) • Michael Jauchen (on Shane Jones) • Becca Klaver (on Daniela Olszewska)

I'm happy to have my poetry amongst these great contributors, but was disheartened by the female to male ratio of work, something like only 14 women to 39 men (my count may be off by one or two).

More visiting-my-parents photos:


Katharine Ankofski said...

i would not want my lettuce to be stepped on by a small child.

keep taking pictures! what is the house like?

Sommer said...

so pretty. lots of rock piles.

Julia Cohen said...

it is important to be surrounded by rock piles & lettuce

Sommer said...

and a "scripture of black flies"