Monday, July 27, 2009

Not Too Soon Press

H_NGM_N #8 is alive:

Brandon Shimoda & I have 2 collab-poems in it, amongst work by such poets, reviewers, artists etc as:

Nikki Painter • Nico Alvarado-Greenwood • Scott Bade • Erica Bernheim • Joseph Bienvenu • Jason Bredle • Paula Cisewski • Nina Corwin • Jordan Davis • Jessica Dessner • John Duvernoy • John W. Evans • John Findura • Matt Hart • Steve Healey • Cynthia Arrieu-King • Eric Kocher • Ben Kopel • Gregory Lawless • B.J. Love • Tony Mancus • Anthony McCann • Pete Miller • Alexis Orgera • Chris Rizzo • Broc Rossell • Brandon Shimoda • Julia Cohen • Rachel M. Simon • Jeff Simpson • Carmen Gimenez Smith • Chad Sweeney • Robert Whiteside • Joseph P. Wood • Jon Woodward • Lauren Levin • Matt Hart • Bill Dunlap • Christopher Higgs • A D Jameson • Zachary Tyler Vickers • Richard Froude • Andrew Grace • Chris Martin • Richard Meier • Mathias Svalina • Paul Jenkins • Amy King • John Dermot Woods • Cara Benson (on Chris Vitiello) • Patrick Dunagan (on John Coletti) • Aaron Kiely (on Joseph Lease) • Michael Jauchen (on Shane Jones) • Becca Klaver (on Daniela Olszewska)

I'm happy to have my poetry amongst these great contributors, but was disheartened by the female to male ratio of work, something like only 14 women to 39 men (my count may be off by one or two).

More visiting-my-parents photos:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Red Paws & Blond Pits: A Love Story Press

I'm in Mexico visiting my parents who live here. This is how we get to their house:

This is the public garden in town:


Issue 12 of Octopus Magazine is now online.
:: ::

The issue features eight poets, each introduced by a peer.

Lynn Xu
Heather Christle
Jennifer Knox
Tony Tost
Cathy Park Hong
Christopher Stackhouse
Amanda Nadelberg
Kristi Maxwell

Introduced by

Katie Peterson
Lisa Olstein
K. Silem Mohammad
The Lucipo Poetics List
Arda Collins
Rebecca Wolff
Chris Fischbach
Ann M. Fine

The issue also contains reviews of

Farrah Field, Dobby Gibson, Thomas Hummel,
Carrie Hunter, Ellen Kennedy, Melissa Kwasny,
Helena Mesa, Vanessa Place & Robert Fitterman,
Robyn Schiff, Jeremy Schmall & Justin Taylor

Reviewed by

Dan Magers , Ben Kopel, Sommer Browning,
Kathleen Rooney, Dave Madden, Steven Karl,
Karla Kelsey, David Carillo, & David Sewell

Monday, July 20, 2009

What You Cannot Take Back Is Also What You Have Given Press

I'm reading Dennis Cooper's Ugly Man.

It's funny & gory with sex, fisting, & murder.

I feel like I'm both completely turned off by this type of satire as well as appreciative of it.

This is part of a gchat conversation I had last night about a puppy I hope to adopt in August:

Kate: i want it to be OCD
and a loner
and my friend
with little shoes
me: you are asking a lot
of a puppy

Take The Slow Barge to Barftown Press

Gross, who made up that press name?

Oh, sorry.

On Saturday I was food poisoned.

Wow, that was no fun at all.

I had a sense of humor for the first few hours, I swear I did, but then it faded into whimpers.

Today I can eat again, but I'm taking it slow: soup & vanilla (soy)yogurt.


In other better & more interesting news, Rachel Levitsky has a new book out, NEIGHBOR, with Ugly Duckling Presse. You can buy this book for just $12 from the UDP website:

Saturday, July 18, 2009

How Come You Always Ask the Hot Girl to Talk about Sharks Press

M & I have a new series of poems up at Dear Camera. "Go check 'em out already!"--Billy Collins
These poems are a section from our chapbook, Force, Proximity, Repulsion, which will release sometime in the future with Cinematheque Press, which I'm equally pumped about.


I'll be honest, we've powered through quite a few movies recently. No pattern emerges to me:

Lady Vengeance:

The Friends of Eddie Coyle:

New In Town (I would say that during this movie, every 5 minutes or so, M would say, "What is wrong with her face?"):

At the end of the movie we had to do a google search for "what is wrong with Renee Zellweger's face" to see if anyone else knew why it was puffy, shiny, and stuck to her skull.

Shadow of a Doubt (this Hitchcock was by far one of the creepier movies I've seen recently, mostly because of the dialogue given to the young female lead):

The Distiguished Gentleman:

This movie came at the transitional phase in Eddie Murphy's career where he consistently made Jewish jokes, right before he traded these jokes in for a female fat suit.

Army of Shadows. This movie was amazing:

Any suggestions for movies to rent?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Don't Get Dish Soap in Your Dish Eye Press

Besides going vegan & actually getting my legs to pedal a bike multiple times a week, there are other things I'm trying to do differently in Denver. 1) make sure I always hang the towel back in the towel rack. Often after I towel-dry my hair, I accidentally leave the towel on the dresser, which is where I find myself when I stop towelling my head & start looking for clothing to wear. However, I'm sure it keeps the towel damper for longer, & this annoys M (also, the towel isn't where it should be). 2) Sometimes I do not click the lids back down/put the caps back on to things right away, such as a) moisturizer, b) dish soap, c) suntan lotion. I'm trying to mend my ways & form better routines. OR WHAT KIND OF PERSON WOULD I BE? Well, a messier one.

Did you know there is such a thing as a wolf spider? In Denver? Specifically, they like to congregate in my bath tub. Which means that while I'd like to treat them kindly, because I have an appreciation for what spiders do with their webs & their mouths, I simply, well, freak out a bit. Because I'm about to jump in the shower, OR, I am already in the shower, and then they reveal themselves to me:

The rational part of me says: Ok, it's good to have wolf spiders in the world. Hi eight-legged creature. But the irrational part of me says: AHHHHHH! I'm in the shower with a wolf spider!!!

I'm in the middle of reading The Mezzanine by Nicholas Baker. Have you read it?

I just finished reading The Next American Essay, edited by John D'Agata


The new issue of Ekleksographia is up:

Featuring work by:

Diana Adams, Cynthia Arrieu-King with Hillary Gravendyk, Anny Ballardini, Jeanne Marie Beaumont, Dan Boehl, Alexander Dickow, Linh Dinh, Tomas Ekström, Erica Miriam Fabri, Farrah Field, Adam Fieled, Annie Finch, Ossian Foley, Jennifer H. Fortin, Maya Funaro, Heather Green, Niels Hav, trans. by P. K. Brask & Patrick Friesen, Scott Hightower, Dan Hoy, Dorta Jagić, trans. by Ana Božičević, Amy King, Tony Mancus, Nicholas Manning, Miguel Murphy, Gina Myers, Keith Newton, Obododimma Oha, Daniela Olszewska, Maya Pindyck, Matthew Rotando, Tomaž Šalamun, trans. with Michael Thomas Taren, Barry Schwabsky, Evie Shockley, Lytton Smith, Sampson Starkweather, Rohith Sundararaman, Chris Vitiello, David Wolach

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some Cinder Blocks Are Not The Same Height As Other Cinder Blocks Press

1) M is very sunburned. Which is sad. But which was a good learning experience for me because I learned I like to put moisturizer on other people's arms a lot. Like, a whole lot.

2) Recently my favorite sandwich has been: 1 slice of bread, Veganaise, sliced tomatoes, sprouts, and freshly ground black pepper (open faced, but 2 sandwiches on the plate).

3) I bought my first vacuum cleaner today. Dirt Devil. Thank you N & S for driving around with us on domestic errands. & for guiding us to & partaking in a delicious feast at the Far East Center.

4) There is a cat that likes to take a poo near our living room window, so that the smell comes in. GROSS. So I learned that cayenne is a scent that cats dislike, so M sprinkled lots of cayenne outside our window. I'll let you know if it worked as a "natural repellent."

5) They tell me:

The summer issue of Fence, #21, is out. It's summery cover features work in cardboard by Jason Middlebrook, and inside you'll find poems and stories and "other" by, among others, Christine Hume, Jennifer Kronovet, Brett Fletcher Lauer, Lara Candland, Meena Alexander, Janaka Stucky, Karla Kelsey, Kate Greenstreet, Dean Young, Gregg Bordowitz & Liza Johnson, Ben Black, with a special feature on "Truth or Consequences in Nonrealist Fiction" featuring Kate Bernheimer, Brian Evenson, Laird Hunt, Joyelle McSweeney, and Eric Lorberer.


6) They tell me Sampson Starkweather has poems in Realpoetik this week:

from LA LA LA

when in large groups
I often want to swing
Thor’s hammer
transforming irritability
into energy
should win a prize
for almost existing
like a superlove
say forbidden
how weird is
becoming a tunnel
more of a pastime
than an act of civil
engineering no gland
to regulate this emotion
life is another way to say
proportional to
the push-button moment
my fortune cookie
a drawing of a mountain
appearing to disappear
I am the goat
perched on anything
a branch of shame
the denial
that one is one’s own
it doesn’t have to be
whole to break
is an action
watch the poem
sail into

did you say river
without bend
or end
if it didn’t hurt
I’d have gone
a long time ago
good looking
out Pain
everything is a game
to my niece
only this
makes sense
the pesky not-world
hiding somewhere
I want poems
to be like 80s video games
land and sky
forever off
either side of the screen
New Zealand is like that
a promise held out
two horizons
that never come
are you wet yet
you love when I talk
landscape in overalls
scamper the flattened world
pick up
the occasional coin
or sledge hammer
I’ll mushroom-leap
those goddamn digital clouds
we lie
and cry

every poem should begin
I’m kinda of in a dunebuggy
it’s a fact
feelings of powelessness
lead to killing and shopping
sprees weeeeeeee
oh there’s more
where that came from
a growing demand
for designer vaginas
in other news
ghost slugs are real
people can be so quiet
they barely exist
images of earth
always make me
horny it sounds
like a soap opera
when it hums
all God’s children
are brats probably
Brazilian at that
products of
product placement
know when to say when
how dumb is that
just keep going
swallow sand
try to finalize
any love
like the games
people play
on the subway
get in
follow me

have you noticed pussy
foot is always singular
iron lung killjoy
sound like bad ass Indians
take the longest breath
any man’s
ever taken
and begin again
the poem is its own
scientists say the soul
has the consistency
of an expensive milkshake
bagpipes are bad
for the environment
Dear Mom
you don’t know shit
about poetry
if you were a think tank
we’d all be making
cartoon balloons
I love hitting
Undo poof
I made the rain
go away
chin music
is not a cliché
to say we’re all alone
your name is # 2
on my things to do list
Google Earth knows dick
about my birthmarks
let’s all change
color what are people
who study traffic
called a lot of love
has died technically
anything can be

Sampson Starkweather's most recent chapbook, The Heart is Green from So Much Waiting is forthcoming from Immaculate Disciples Press. He is also the author of City of Moths from Rope-a-Dope Press and The Photograph from horse less press. He lives in the Qua.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who Believes In The Conspiracy of Art Press

A few more photos of my new home (garden level):

Also, I chopped mushrooms:

One of the things I've discovered about Denver is the Rants & Raves section on Craigslist. I don't think NYC had this. But basically it is a free for-all-for weirdos to voice their thoughts in a forum in which 100% weirdos respond. These are three examples just from today (click on them to enlarge, please):


Small Fires Press just released the second issue of Matchbook (a journal that fits inside a matchbook):

Featuring the works of: Emily Kendal Frey, Zachary Schomburg, Garth Graeper, Susan Briante, Matt Hart, Fred Schmalz, Brenda Iijima, Kyle Schlesinger, David B. Goldstein, Cherie Weaver, Matvei Yankelevich, Hoa Nguyen, Philip Dacey, Megan Gannon, Miles Waggener, anna olivier, Ana Bozicevic, Paul Killebrew, Nate Pritts, BJ Love, Dale Smith, Farid Matuk, Mathias Svalina, and a scratch and sniff gallery of sensory abstractions in glorious letterpressed color. Only 6 bucks at: