Thursday, June 18, 2009

UHaul Press

So, I'm moving to Denver July 1st with M.

(I'll be starting a PhD program in the fall, Literature & Creative Writing. I'm both excited & terrified.)

I have never lived away from the east coast. I'm both excited & terrified.

My basic emotions are (besides excitement and terror): I'm sad to leave my friends & sad to leave my career in academic publishing, but ultimately I think it's healthy to try something new & I think I would regret not pushing myself to read & write & think more than I am right now. I'm optimistic.

Our new apartment will have a yard. And I foresee a pound puppy/mutt in our future as well as spending more time on our bikes.

If you live in or near New York, please hang out with me before I leave! I'm going to this thing tomorrow:

The third yardmeter editions event will feature poets Brenda Iijima & Daniel Lin, multimedia artist Craig Foltz & jeweler/sculptor Kristin D'Agostino.

Yardmeter Editions is an events series that brings together artists, writers, playwrights & other creative types in an informal setting in the Gowanaus neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

location: 267 douglass st, brooklyn, ny

from Union St (R / M trains): walk north three blocks on 4th Ave & turn left on Douglass

from Atlantic / Pacific: walk south on 4th Ave for seven blocks & turn right on Douglass

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