Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Party Knife Press or I Say Hello When My Neurons Mirror Yours Press

I cut myself out of a colossal leaf. I dipped my head in the vein of a calf. Feathers poked out of my belly, like the hands that lead me to the cloud-dynasty. Vaudeville laughed at my slouch-posture but I snapped the raft it sat on & it sank into the moat. But ice cubes melt in my pocket. They melt. So how cruel could I be?


Some new reviews up at The Chapbook Review.

If you have a manuscript sittin' around, crying:

Four Way Books Reading Period

Poetry & Short Fiction
Submissions in June
Visit www.fourwaybooks.com
for complete guidelines

recent editorial selections include:
Catherine Bowman, Joel Brouwer,
Forrest Hamer, Tom Healy, Sarah Manguso,
Paul Otremba, Eileen Pollack, Kevin Prufer,
Megan Staffel, C. Dale Young, & Monica You

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John Madera said...

Hi Julia,

Thanks for posting about The Chapbook Review. Please consider having your presses send me two of each of your forthcoming chapbooks for review consideration. Also, we need some more poets to review.

Here's a link to our submission guidelines (for presses and reviewers): http://thechapbookreview.com/submission-guidelines/

And a link of chapbook I have on hand for review: