Monday, June 29, 2009

Just Dunk The Baby in Milk Press

We're almost all packed up. Some amazing friends are coming over Wednesday morning to help us load up the truck.

I've been taking breaks from packing to watch Ish Klein read poems and PSA annoucements:



Just a reminder about the reading this Tuesday (tomorrow). Mathias and I will be moving to Denver the very next day, so I'd love to see you all one last time before we leave. As the guest editor of the new issue of Effing Magazine, I'll be going to the issue launch that Scott Pierce organized, on Tuesday June 30th. I really hope you can come because it will be a great reading: Ada Limon, Justin Marks, and Farrah Field. If that isn't enough enticement, there will also be free wine and cheese.

You can also pick up the new issue at the reading, which includes these poets:

Christian Hawkey, Lynn Xu, Dorothea Lasky, Tony Tost, Graham Foust, Farrah Field, Aaron Kunin, Mark Bibbins, Akilah Oliver, Kimberly Lyons, Justin Marks, Rachel Zucker, Abraham Smith, Anne Lendon Heide, Shane McCrae, Ada Limon, K. Silem Mohammad, Timothy Liu, Jill Magi, Kiwao Nimura

INFO on reading:

Effing Press
(Austin, Texas)

Tues., June 30, 6:00 p.m. sharp, free

ACA Galleries
529 W. 20th St., 5th Flr.

Featuring readings from

Farrah Field
Ada Limon
Justin Marks

with music from

Katie May (hell yeah!)

*Performer Bios*

**Farrah Field
Farrah Field’s poems have appeared in Chelsea, Harp & Altar, Harpur Palate, Margie, Massachusetts Review, Mississippi Review, Pool, and Typo. She was born in Cheyenne, Wyoming and raised in Nebraska, Colorado, Louisiana, Arkansas, Sicily, and Belgium. She lives in Brooklyn.

**Ada Limón
Ada Limon's first book, lucky wreck, was the winner of the Autumn House Poetry Prize and her second, This Big Fake World, was the winner of the Pearl Poetry Prize. Her third book of poems, Sharks in the Rivers, will be published by Milkweed Editions next year.

**Justin Marks
Justin Marks' first book is A Million in Prizes (New Issues Press). He is also the author of several chapbooks, the most recent being Voir Dire (Rope-a-Dope Press). New work can be found in the Raleigh Quarterly and Tusculum Review. He is the founder and editor of Kitchen Press Chapbooks and lives in New York City with his wife and their infant son and daughter.

**Katie May
Katie May has had jobs serving fries, making marimbas, and telling at banks.


C/E to 23rd St., 1/9 to 18th St.
Venue is bet. 10th and 11th avenues


The 11th issue of pax americana is up, with such shining stars as: Paige Taggart, Christie Ann Reynolds, Nicole Santalucia, Sarah Feeley, Lauren Hunter, Jean Hartig, Amy LAwless, Matthew Yeager, Jennifer Michael Hecht, Kiely Sweatt, Patricia Smith, Aria Boutet, Rachel-Herman Gross, Taryn Andrew, Joseph Millar, Dorianne Laux, Teege Braune.


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Thanks fer reppin' pax, Julia. Wish I could help you with yer boxes, but I'm moving at this very moment to BK!

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