Thursday, June 25, 2009

Impulsive Press

I saw a painting last weekend that had printed towards the bottom of the canvas:

1 + Scattered = 0

I like that. Can that be the title of the poem series I'm working on right now? Can it?

Today is my first day of retirement. I was sad when I left my office yesterday, as I suspected I would be, but I'm excited about moving. Today M woke up and boxed books while I went through our closets & started packing suitcases. Clothes are either at the laundromat, folded & stored, or in grocery bags that we may or may not leave in front of our local thrift shop at the dead of night, tonight.

Right now I'm reading Marjorie Perloff's 21st-Century Modernism: The "New" Poetics. I might be learning things!

I also learned that the new issue of Harp & Altar is up and looking gorgeous as usual:

Issue Six includes poems by Kate Greenstreet, Jennifer Hayashida, Karla Kelsey, Justin Marks, Patrick Morrissey, Linnea Ogden, Rob Schlegel, and Andrei Sen-Senkov (translated by Zach Schomburg).

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