Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From Lame to Fame Press

Saltgrass closes the submission period in 2 weeks, so get yr poems to me/Saltgrass soon. Particularly if you identify as a non-man. Maybe? I hope your grandma submits. I think the next print issue will be coming out in August or Sept at the latest.


I have a secret. I get this journal in the mail (4 issues a year):

The Wordsworth Circle. I just got Volume XXXIX, #4 in the mail. I absolutely love the editor, Marilyn Gaull.
I think you should grab a copy of this new chapbook:

by Claire Hero
From Dancing Girl Press.

I like this poem, from Conjunctions web.

From a Comet

That night on my way home,
a strange team appeared in front of me.

They were from a comet.
They came so quick!

Thick fog spread out on the field.
The feeble scarecrow swung.
I hurried past the stone bridge,
cast a glance at the depleted water.

They arrived on my toes
and glued their faces on the windowpanes—
crazy butterfly eyes!

Yang Zi (1963– ), a proclaimed contemporary Chinese poet, is the author of a dozen books including the poetry collection Border Fast Train (1994), Gray Eyes (2000), and Rouge (2007). After earning a BA in Chinese literature, he lived in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for nine years and cofounded the literary journal Big Bird. In 1990, he was appointed Vice Alderman of Tahaqi Village. Since 1993 he has lived in the southern coastal city Guangzhou and is now the vice chief editor of the Nan Fang People Weekly. Also known as a dedicated poetry translator, he has introduced the works of Mandelstam, Paul Celan, Fernando Pessoa, Gary Snyder, Charles Simic and a number of other Western poets to Chinese readers.

A few of my friends tried to go the Philip Roth reading last night but never, well, quite made it after a valiant effort on buses in Queens. They did a little photo shoot called, "I Hope Philip Roth Found His Reading, 'Cause We Sure Didn't" and took Roth to the playground. These made me laugh out loud at work:

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