Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And Then I Photoshopped Your Face Onto the Body of a Mushroom Press

This month has been movement. Movement towards a wedding in California:

Movement back to NY and then back to California for a conference, where I ate Pinkberry with Dottie Lasky and we contemplated the pros and cons of purchasing neon plastic pencil holders we could hold up to our ears and pretend were dysfunctional iphones:

I forgot what protein was and ate a lots of these while in California for the second time:

Then the lovely Liz Canfield invited some nyc peeps to read in Richmond, so we headed down there. Thank you. Thanks also to Robert Cataldo for his hospitality and dashing good looks:

And thank you to Sommer Browning for driving and letting me nap in the back of her car. And for letting us play Everclear.

I'm going to be stationary in NYC for the next two weeks and looking forward to watching "Let The Right One In" tonight.

1 comment:

Sommer said...

I don't think I "let" you.