Friday, February 6, 2009

The Swamp Aesthetic Press

I'm going to eat Korean food tonight with a high school friend and see a play! Then I'm going to go home and blast music really loudly while cleaning the bedroom so that when M comes home after a rock show, he'll stop frowning when he says "We live in squalor."

Want to help me clean the bedroom?

It's mainly a heap of skirts and sweaters that needs to be un-heaped and hung in the closet.

I haven't written a poem since the end of December, it makes me feel like my brain isn't working properly. I'm not filtering out the good things?



Gently Read Literature
February 2009 Issue

Poetry Reviews:
Poetry that Jingles, a Good Value: Zinta Aistars on Katy Lederer’s The Heaven-Sent Leaf
The Past Still Remains: J. Michael Wahlgren on Idra Novey’s The Next Country
The Word is the Thing: Laurie Junkins on Sally Van Doren’s Sex at Noon Taxes
Tangible Poetic Gold: Suzanne Ondrus on Aracelis Girmay’s Teeth
The Adaptation/Adoption of Form: Nici Lee on Narrow Road to the Interior by Kimiko Hahn
Nature in its Raw: R.L. Greenfield on Charles Wright’s Littlefoot

Fiction Reviews:
More Schizophrenic than Southern: Ashly Hood on Katie Crouch’s debut novel Girls in Trucks
A Warmhearted Journey: Amy Schrader on Stefan Merrill Block’s novel The Story of Forgetting
A Quiet Ending to a Loud Story: Sam Friedman on the novel Prescription for a Superior Existence by Josh Emmons


Mark Bibbins tells you things, here.

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