Tuesday, February 10, 2009

By Bravery I Mean Laziness Press

Busy? I feel you.

I recently read Jesse Ball's Samedi the Deafness. It's awesomely poetic for a book about the coming apocalypse, here are some sections that will make you miss your subway stop. The level of suspense is 'invigorating,' and reminded me of Donna Tart's The Secret History, but better:

"No room can be so quiet as a quiet bathroom in an empty house. Everyone has left the country, James thought, even though he knew it wasn't true."

"Four-fold ovens and the cleverness of hands. A man with the skill of setting traps. A bird with one eye because he has been painted only in profile. We shall not let him turn, not until he has sung his supper."

"There was an elephant, and its features vaguely resembled his own. The elephant was being eaten by many small furred devils, who also vaguely resembled him. They were led, however, by a man with a large baton. His face was entirely blank."

"James said nothing about the egg room."

"She shook her head violently from side to side like a bird in a leather strap."

Arrive quietly as I finish. Surely that is within your power."

"All owls, he once told James, end up in hell. There they sit on the branches of scalded trees and whisper their wisdom into the blighted ears of vain scholars who are carved in the shapes of kites by smooth-skinned dusk children in trembling tunics of white. I will not go there, James had said."

"The clouds, he thought. Those are the clouds. He recoiled in horror."
Jesse Ball:


Big news, the third issue of The Agriculture Reader is out:

Shimon Adaf
Christian Barter
Heather Christle Joshua Cohen
Julia Cohen
Dennis Cooper
Mark Edmund Doten
Will Edmiston
Elaine Equi
Christian Hawkey
Robert Hershon
Jen Hyde
Noelle Kocot
Justin Marks
Anthony McCann
Mike McDonough
Sharon Mesmer
Eileen Myles
Peter Orner
Joey Parlett
Stephen Priest
Ariana Reines
Jerome Sala
Tony Towle
Diane Williams
Rebecca Wolff
Matvei Yankelevich
Matthew Zapruder

Buy it here.

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