Friday, January 16, 2009

"This Is a Video of Adults Laughing at a Towel" Press

I'm going to tell you a story.

Almost a year ago, I saw an ad for Shamwow, a magical towel product that promises to hold 20 times its weight in liquid and "you'll say wow everytime." Needless to say, I decided to make this my very first infomercial purchase (I spill things a lot). It was conditional, though, that M would make a Shamwow commercial with me once we got it. This became a group activity & M filmed:
(turn your volume up)

The amazing thing about this is the feedback in the comments box from the random 82,789 viewers who were riled up by the Shamwow demonstration. Oh, the outrage! These are some of my favorite comments:

I cannot get past that guys fly-ass mustache.

wow no kidding....

Honestly, I am not even being sarcastic, that is the sweetest 'stach ever.

I was agreeing with you and I still do, that thing is glorious!

You have to dampen it first before using it, if you're gonna use it on the carpet.

this is a video of adults laughing at a towel

hahaha niceeee thats hilarious!! did anyone actually drink it in the end??

You forgot to shout with a Bronx accent into a fake headset! That's why it didn't work.

dude ur using it wrong

If they read it, It says fold it a few times to make many layers. I am giving one for Chanukah.

If you have to fold it for it to work, then it's not really working. You can fold a regular towel and get better results than an unfolded towel.

dont make fun of the shamwow. shamwow could absorb your f*cking dog

This whole video is insulting.

lol i love how so may people weer there probably just to see if shamwow works... I WOULD TOO!

If any of you morons could read you would know how to use it and it would WORK...but like most other people they see the commercial get theirs and instantly slap in on a stain and when it doesn't work(because you're an idiot) you call it a scam and cry that you got ripped off. I feel sorry for your parents.

This video is fail.

Hahahahahaha such a good video. I'm digging the Holy Fuck in the background, too!

The one that ur using is the one for the dishes. The big orange on is for that

You should put that shamwow over your face to absorb your ugliness.

That must have been the cheap imitator. I highly doubt that was the one made in Germany because we all know Germans make good stuff.

Jesus, Vince oughtta kick them all in their techno-music listening, white middle america asses for trying to goof on the product.

um shamwow is actually orange NOT blue

theres a blue one and an orange one.



there are 230 more on the website if you care to read them all...

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Gary said...

Should you ever decide to publish the comments as a chapbook, I'll be first in line to buy a copy!