Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Only Good Bones Are Broken Bones Press

I've been listening to Larkin Grimm.

Factory School has been busy:

Heretical Texts, Volume 4, featuring

Over Here, by Frank Sherlock (104 pages)

RIGHT NEW BIOLOGY, by kathryn l. pringle (80 pages)

Slosh Models, by Brett Evans (88 pages)

Hegemonic Love Potion, by Jules Boykoff (104 pages)

Censory Impulse, by Erica Kaufman (94 pages)

Pub Date: Jan 15, 2009
All books $15 paperback, $30 hardcover -- available Jan 15, 2009 through Small Press Distribution (www.spdbooks.org).


Are you busy next Tuesday? I want to go to this:

Belladonna* Celebrates the Elders with readings and events guest-hosted by some of our favorite writers who've invited writers who influence and inspire them

Tisa Bryant


Chris Kraus

Tuesday, January 13, 7:30PM
(doors at 7PM)
@ Dixon Place
(161 Chrystie Street)
Admission is $6 at the Door.

Tisa Bryant's first book, Unexplained Presence (Leon Works, 2007), is a collection of original, hybrid fiction-essays that remix narratives from Eurocentric film, literature and visual arts and zoom in on the black presences operating within them. Her work has appeared in a number of places, including The Believer, Chain, Abraham Lincoln, Sustaninable Aircraft, and in Hatred of Capitalism, edited by Chris Kraus & Sylvere Lotringer. She is currently engaged in research for her next book, SPECTRAL, an experiment with the historical novel genre, concerning the real life of Old Doll, a literate, enslaved woman on the Newton Plantation in Barbados, circa 1796. She teaches writing at St. John's University, Queens, lives in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and is a founding editor/publisher of the hardcover annual, The Encyclopedia Project.

Chris Kraus is the author of three novels, most recently Torpor, and a collection of art essays. She writes frequently on cultural issues of Artforum, Texte Zur Kunst and other magazines, and received the Frank Jewett Mather Award in Art Criticism from CAA in 2008. A co-editor of Semiotexte, Kraus was recently Visiting Professor at UC San Diego, and will be on the summer faculty of European Graduate School (EGS). She is at work on a new novel about American justice and flawed reciprocity, Summer of Hate.

A Short Note About The Elders Series:
Belladonna* began as a reading and salon series at Bluestocking's Women's Bookstore on New York City's Lower East Side, in August 1999. In June 2000, in collaboration with Boog Literature, Belladonna* began to publish commemorative 'chaplets' of the readers work. This year marks the tenth anniversary of our mission to: promote the work of women writers who are adventurous, experimental, politically involved, multi-form, multicultural, multi-gendered, impossible to define, delicious to talk about, unpredictable, and dangerous with language. Belladonna* has by now featured over 150 writers of wildly diverse age and origin, writers who work in conversation and collaboration in and between multiple forms, languages, critical fields. As performance and as printed text the work collects, gathers over time and space, and forms a kind of conversation about the feminist avant-garde, what it is and how it comes to be. Our anniversary Elders Series is a continuation of this conversation, which highlights the fact of influence and continuity of the ideas, poetics, and concerns we circle through. And it is a way to honor those without whom we'd be nowhere.


The band Snowblink has a request for you this week:

Dear friends and could-be friends,
On day one of this, the newest year yet, I have a special request from each of you.

If you have, in some box, a letter addressed to you that you have read to the bone and if in that letter there is a section or line that has particularly emboldened, prettified, or stuck its flag in your sweet little heart, please write it on the postcard of your choice and send it to:

Daniela Gesundheit
420 Spadina Ave #2
Toronto, ON M5T2G7

Canada has given Dan (Luxury Pond) and I a grant to go into the woods for a couple of months and write songs. With your permission and participation, I'd like to incorporate those parts of letters that you hold multi-fondly. You may include your name and return address if you wish to be credited in a next album, or you may go anonymous.

Cottage-time begins in a week's time, so act swiftly.

ps: you may want to send an email letting me know that you sent a postcard so I can know if it doesn't arrive. Canada post has been swallowing my mail lately...


I'm wearing a skirt today that has secret pockets. This makes me happy.

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