Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Coors Light Girl Gave Me a Free Key Chain While I Ate Waffle Fries at a Sports Bar But I Left Before I Got The Free Beer Press

I hope you all got to watch the Inauguration today. Did you?!

I went with a few friends into a crowded bar and it was really fun to be surrounded by cheering strangers all rooting for the same thing. Now I understand why people go to football games. Or more accurately, why so many people went to DC to be there in person for the Inauguration.

-Obama looked so nervous walking down the hall of the US Capitol. It was very endearing. I think he was too nervous to give one of his great big smiles, which he didn't really do during the entire Inauguration.

-As much as I despise Rick Warren, I thought his speech was fine. I was bracing myself to be offended because he, as a human being, offends me- but he gave a standard Godly speech about love and hope. I mean, I don't really think it's appropriate to have a religious figure speak at a government inauguration at all when the intention is to invoke religion as opposed to other topics of solidarity, but it seemed run-of-the-mill for what it was.

-Senator Diane Feinstein: I liked her intro. She's an interesting lady.

-Obama's speech was stern but eloquent and ultimately encouraging. I wish he smiled more today!

-CNN did a good job of zooming in on Bush whenever Obama or anyone else mentioned the economic crisis or losing democratic ideals in the face of war.

What did you think? I'm rambling.


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