Thursday, December 25, 2008

Whose Child Is This? Press

I missed the donkey procession yesterday. But I did get to pet a donkey and some sheep. When I went to pat the sheep my hand sunk like 6 inches through the matted wool.

This has release has been delayed for a while but I'm happy to let you know that if you order it now, it will arrive shortly. Dust-to-Digital:

Art of Field Recording Volume II: 50 Years of Traditional American Music Documented by Art Rosenbaum

Four CDs featuring 107 Tracks
96 Page Book containing Essays, Annotations, and over 100 Illustrations

"Art Rosenbaum is a folk revivalist of the old school. He believes that traditional ballads, blues, spirituals, and fiddle tunes are among the glories of American culture. Last fall, Dust-to-Digital released Art of Field Recording: Volume I, a four-CD retrospective of Rosenbaum’s work. It contained everything from ring shouts and murder ballads to a song about twenty frogs going to school. It was full of throaty voices and clanging banjos and the incidental music of daily life—babies crying, bar glasses clinking, cicadas on a summer night." — Burkhard Bilger, The New Yorker

Black Ocean has a swanky new website.

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