Friday, December 26, 2008

What Is a Horse? Press

I made a fun game. You can match the weird conversations I overheard today with the actual subject of discussion:

1. "what is a horse, anyways?"

2. "so I told my brother 'your donkey needs a friend' and he was offended"

3. "that woman is having sex with a dragon"

4. "the night watchman is a little bit retarded & his wife won't send the children to school"

5. "you know, the pile of stuff that grows"

6. "I like the mouse filled with dried beans"

7. "the bottle rocket landed on my doorstep"

8. "you can use glitter, too"

A) purchasing cloth-animals for loved ones
B) folk art
C) sibling quarrels (not mine)
D) recommendation, making home-made barrettes with mom (mine)
E) the phenomena in which numerous firecracker shards land on our steps each night
F) inquiry into species identification
G) the compost heap
H) early childhood education


Are you writing poems?

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