Friday, December 19, 2008

There Are Rumors in the Clan Press

I watched part of a samurai movie last in which one of the first few lines is, "there are rumors in the clan."

So good. Thanks to The Criterion Collection: Rebel Samurai - Sixties Swordplay Classics. I got distracted by dinner and presents last night so I still have 6 and 3/4ths of the films left to watch.

Q. How late can you stay at work on a Friday?

A.: 9pm. Last night was a long, long night.

Also, that photo/man is really messed up.


Now I'm stranded at an airport. The new issue of Harp & Altar is up. CG Waldrep's poems completely slay. I haven't made it through the other poems, prose, and essays yet. But that's what being stranded at an airport is good for.

poetry by Stephanie Anderson, Jessica Baron, Julia Cohen, Claire Donato, Elizabeth Sanger, Peter Jay Shippy, and G.C. Waldrep; prose by Joshua Cohen, Evelyn Hampton, Lily Hoang, Peter Markus, and Bryson Newhart; Patrick Morrissey on John Taggart and Matthew Henriksen on Anywhere; Michael Newton's gallery reviews; and artwork by A.L. Steiner + robbinschilds.


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