Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Showers are for Sissies Press

A totally inane but fun article in the NYT about Jack Spicer for the remaining two poets in the world who have not heard of Jack Spicer:

Maybe they will actually review the collection sometime soon?


I had a weird dream that I was trying to give Lynn Hejinian a copy of my new chapbook and it turned out that she was dating my freshman advisor in college, a woman named Alice. They were both so in love. And for some reason, they showed me their van that they had just bought together. It was a spacious van.

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steven karl said...

Speaking of Spicer, I've been reading his lectures (took faeva to get from NYPL) & dreamt that I was a martian-- me & my martian cohorts were bumpin' boogie down productions in our spaceship.

Bring some avocados back 'cause them fuckers are too expensive in New York, ya know?