Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Journey to the Center for Disease Control of the Earth Press

I have a little good news. My book Triggermoon, Triggermoon, is now forthcoming with Black Lawrence Press.

So, deep gratitude to Black Lawrence Press for reading and engaging with my manuscript. I'm excited.

Triggermoon, Triggermoon is scheduled to come out around Nov 2010. So just promise me you'll still be my friend in 2010.

Right now they have the bio under my name listed as Larry Matsuda's bio. I'm on the fence about whether I should tell them I wasn't born in the Minidoka.


I haven't gotten all the gifts I need for Xmas. I need to do this Thurs & Friday. My list of activities/things that need to be completed by Friday is completely daunting & involves way more than shopping, icefishing, icedancing, & sheep sheering.

Also, I have to finish a poem or else it will kill me.


Andrew Lundwall has poems up at RealPoetik. You should check his work out, here's a sample:


ancient tower
circling millennia
i want a storm

i know rings
try on each
what i think

i live in my life
i have a hawk
i perform

Andrew Lundwall is the editor of Scantily Clad Press (http://scantilycladpress.blogspot.com). His work has appeared in numerous print and electronic literary journals internationally, including PFS Post, Big Bridge, Shampoo, Moria, Near South, Miami Sun Post's Mad Love, 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, Otoliths, rock heals, and Blazevox. He has released two chapbooks, klang (deep cleveland press, 2006) and funtime (Funtime Press, 2007), a collaboration with Adam Fieled.


I went to J & J's apartment last night. I love their apartment. It has lots of owl-like creatures, camera, and a couch with 4 stable legs.

J showed me this:

It is a pillow that vibrates/beats like a very calm heart. It is supposed to relax you. It worked. It made me want to nap, forever, curled up next to a fuzzy giant sheep-like heart. It was gifted to me. The company's website is designed to make you feel less creepy about liking it. I still feel creepy, but I'm okay with that:

Hug Me
Hold the Heart a moment and you'll begin to sense your own heartbeat slowly syncing with My Beating Heart's carefully designed rhythm. Our hearts naturally begin to dance and sync with the hearts of other we hold or hug. This is a phenomenon we have observed for ages. Hugging the Beating Heart a few minutes allows the calm and dreamy beat to relax the body, ease the mind, and cajoles the spirit.

My Beating Heart employs new advances in computer science, Artifical Intelligence, and haptic design. But we also developed the technology inside each Heart by combining the practice of meditation and yoga with software and hardware development. This lead us to design a small micro-computer to run of out specially made software.

The creepy part is when the website phrases things like this:

How to restart My Beating Heart

The Beating Heart has a tiny computer inside. Sometimes computers crash, from too much love. On the rare occasion a Beating Heart will not start, beats irregularly, or acts strangely reboot its computer. To reboot the computer, simply find the battery box inside the zipper pocket. Turn the power switch OFF then ON again. You'll see the Heart reboot and work perfectly again. After restarting the computer, if the Beating Heart continues to act strangely it's time to change the battery.

I think they just wrote a poem for me.

Also, they have the best warning label (click to enlarge):


Eunuchsblues said...

Way to be! Congratulations Julia!

Julia Cohen said...

thank you!

steven karl said...

Great news & congrats!

Gary L. McDowell said...

Congrats on Black Lawrence! That's fantastic news. I'll be looking for the book come November 2010!

John Sakkis said...

hey triggermoon,

huge congrats julia!

Poetry Bear said...

congrats! but i can't promise to still be your friend in 2010. that's sooooo far away.

Poetry Bear said...

or i should say: i could be your friend in 2010, but maybe not read your book. i may well be illiterate by then.

Jeff Downey said...

Congrats on the news, Julia! That's great, that's awesome, that's buttermilks, as my kin might say...might.

Julia Cohen said...

buttermilk or babysnakes?