Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Love Her, But It Feels Like a Christmas Tree Has Grown Between Us Press

In my neighborhood, some committee must have agreed to use public (or private?) money to put up pretty (energy consuming) lights on our public streets. It looks festive.

I like festive.

If it weren't for the unnecessary use of electricity, I would be quite pleased by the lights. In fact, when I block the energy issue out of my mind, I thoroughly enjoy the lights.

I whisper, "Arc of lights, how I love thee!"

I do.

And then M slaps me.

No, then M whispers "O, bobbled halos of my heart!" and we skip into our Apt.

However, with these lights comes non-stop Christmas music.

This I find particularly distracting and, ultimately, offensive. It's offensive and presumptuous to assume that a) everyone here is Christian or Catholic, b) and that, because everyone is Christian or Catholic they would appreciate it, or c) that even though there may be many other people of varied religious or non-religious views, it is perfectly fine to subject them to this. I live near the street corner, so if I don't play music in my apartment, I can hear it all day on the weekends. And if I do have music on, I need to play it loud enough so that it does not interact with the Christmas music, but supersedes and negates it.

Now I sound like a Grinch who needs to get out more. I'll give you that. So, I think I'll go to this reading tonight:

Please join us in celebrating the release of hand held series 1, featuring readings by Timothy Donnelly, Stefania Heim, and Ethan Paquin:

December 13, 7:oo @ A Public Space
323 Dean Street (at 3rd Ave)
Admission is free.

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