Sunday, December 21, 2008

Deep in Pesos Press

I want to see my parents who have just become expats for good.

So, I'm trying to get to Mexico City.

Kind of unsuccessfully.

I'm not sure where my luggage is anymore. But apparently it has not been traveling with me for a while and will most likely never meet up with me again.

Besides that it contained all my nice summer clothing (i.e. the clothing you wear at work during the summer, not your shortshorts), the sad thing is that it had ALL my holiday presents for my family. And it had ALL the books that I recently bought that I was planning on immersing myself in. The books, presents, and clothing (and my freaking glasses) are things I don't have the start-up capital to just re-buy. But you know what cheered me up? A poem by Zach Schomburg and Emily Kendal Frey in the new issue of Anti-. Actually both of their poems made me laugh at the airport but I can't steal their whole contribution so:

Team Sad

We sat next to a lady
on the train

with one of those phones
attached to her ear

that looks like a gigantic
black scorpion eating

her head off
Suddenly she perked up

started talking
to no one about

someone named Eli’s
personnel file

The guy in Birks
reading the NYT

got super razzed
and projected

his righteousness
across great distances

while we quietly played
a game called

if you had to kill

in this snack car
who would go first

I have a co-poem with Brandon Shimoda in the issue, nestled in with poems by these other fine poets: Donald Zirilli, ellen Wehle, Nic Sebastian, Karen Rigby, Kristen Orser, Jeff Newberry, Marc McKee, Nathan McClain, Mira Martin-Parker, Partrick Lawler, Jenn Koiter, Donald Illich, Brandi Homan, Christopher Hennessy, Noah Falk, Adam Deutsch.


Yesterday I started & finished reading Aimee Bender's most recent collection of short stories, Willful Creatures.

So good. When I was in high school I read her first collection, The Girl in the Flammable Skirt, and it blew my mind. So almost ten years later, it made me happy that her work still moved me. The story "The End of the Line," was particularly sad/funny & beautiful. I think you should read it. It will make you think twice about buying a miniature man who previously worked at a bakery as a pet. It might also make you think about race and slavery.


Emily Kendal Frey said...

Oh man. I just saw Aimee Bender read from that same collection - she read the one about the potatoes (I can't recall the title right now). I'm glad our poem cheered you up. Tis the season for Team Sad. Make it to Mexico! Get your fancy shorts back!

Julia Cohen said...

are you guys writing a Team Sad series?

that's a team I can root for.

Emily Kendal Frey said...

Yeah! It's a still-in-progress section of SOMETHING SHOULD HAPPEN AT NIGHT OUTSIDE. Did you make it? Are you wearing a sundress the color of a sunset?

Julia Cohen said...

i made it. but i'm wearing mexican underwear!