Monday, December 22, 2008

Big, Gross Responsibility Press

I have arrived.

Maybe not emotionally.

Maybe not professionally.

Maybe not empirically.

And maybe not with luggage.

But geographically, yes.

Last night I went to the supermarket in San Miguel & bought potatoes, peppers, an extension cord, and an outfit to wear today. I like it when a grocery story can cover all the bases. Mexican underwear.

It's very cold here in the morning but by noon it's so freaking lovely.

Today an avocado fell from the sky into a pool of water. It made a giant thud.

I wrote a poem between last night and this afternoon.  So, progress, in the loose sense.


Frank Sherlock tells me:

Hey folks,

The January 2009 release of the Heretical Texts series (v.4) is now available for pre-ordering from Factory School Books.

Volume Four includes books from:

Frank Sherlock- Over Here
Kathryn L. Pringle- Right New Biology
Brett Evans- Slosh Models
Jules Boykoff- Hegemonic Love Potion
Erica Kaufman- Censory Impulse

The entire set can be pre-ordered from Factory School here for $50, a savings of five bucks per book.

Have great holidays!

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