Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Day Cleanses Are Binge Diets for Hipsters Press

Look me in the face and tell me that your 10 day cleanse of only drinking lemon water with honey is really not your way of trying to lose weight without admitting to your friends that is what you are doing. Eat food and watch Face/Off. Oh the Hipsters I have known.


Last night M and I watched Transsiberian:

This movie is all about American xenophobia & stupidity. How everything can work out if you outrun corrupt Russian police (working for the Mafia), jump on an empty train, and then drive it head-on into another train, which happens to be full of soldiers who can then help you. Then you will come out unscathed. Besides the build-up of repressed guilt relating to how you secretly killed a man in a deserted church in the woods. A man that said, before you killed him, "I would never hurt you." And then you clocked him on the head with wood from the broke-down church. You may have to wrestle with that for the rest of your life.

But not really, because you are American and going back to America.

The movie did make me want to take a train ride. But maybe one more like The Darjeeling Limited:


We made you a movie about the relationship between slamming sounds & visual flipping:


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