Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Had Peanuts for Breakfast Yesterday & I Still Feel Gross Press

I'm joining a gym with M. We have a 3 day trial pass so we haven't paid for anything yet. I sort of felt bad for the young woman who gave us a tour. She tried to sell us on the perks: the two free tanning sessions (no thanks) and free child care (what child). We looked blankly at her when she mentioned tanning and then after the child care thing didn't go over, she said, "Well, if you're ever babysitting and you want to come to the gym, you can take the kid with you."

Yeah, if I'm the worst babysitter ever:

Mom: Honey, what did you do with the babysitter today?

Kid: Well, she took me to the gym with her boyfriend. And I sat in an emptied out closet with the dirty laundry while they used the StairMaster. Can she babysit me again next week?


But I'm legitimately excited to exercise. I've forgotten how. They have spinning classes. I think that means you pedal really fast on a stationary bike in a room full of women, listening to pop music. I'm PUMPED.

A new issue (#9) of Pax Americana is up. Love it, leave it, and then take it back into your heart.


Do you like cake? I can't go to this on Thursday but I wish I could. Can you?

You are cordially invited:
Thursday, November 20th, 2008
7pm - 9pm
readings beginning promptly at 7:30pm

Celebrate 15 Years of
Four Way Books
C. S. Carrier, Eileen Pollack, Kevin Prufer,
Daniel Tobin & Alissa Valles

and forthcoming authors:
Priscilla Becker & Farrah Field

Cake and Wine Reception
Book Signings to follow the readings

McNally Jackson Books
52 Prince Street, NYC
for detailed directions please visit
RSVP: 212-334-5430 or

Free StairMasters for all!


Kate said...

i am trying to picture you in a spinning class and failing miserably.

Julia Cohen said...

can I start with a spinning class or do I need to build up to it with basic training? My legs felt gooy after using a bike, very slowly, for 35 minutes yesterday.

I watched the "NETS vs the CLE" on tv while pedaling. My big accomplishment was determining which color jersey was affiliated with what team. go CLE!

Anne Boyer said...

I like spinning class though haven't done it for a while. I seem to remember that no matter how fit you are it still hurts after, so I'd say "jump in."

Julia Cohen said...

daring advice. i like it.