Monday, November 17, 2008

Giraffe Roof Press

I don't really understand this scultpure but I like it. Is it a sculpture of a Mario-like man trying to do the bunny hop?

The tallest man I know (and I think I know a bunch of tall guys) is buying a Mini Cooper. Navy. I'm going to make a short video of him getting in the car. I need some evidence that it's possible. I keep asking him if he's having the roof designed extra tall and he equivocates by saying "giraffe roof" or "sun roof," which are, to my knowledge, not legitimate options.


My brother works in Atlanta. I'm still not entirely sure I know what he does, but I do know I couldn't do it myself. His company is the kind of company that sponsors all-day trips to the woods to bond. The kind of company that has good 'perks.' The kind of company where there is one-upmanship for attractive looking ties. Anyways, it is, apparently, also the kind of company that has a donut eating contest. Somehow my brother got nominated to eat the donuts for his team in the competitive game of How Many Donuts Can You Eat in 4 Minutes?

This is our email correspondence after it happened:


Me: I just told my office-mate and she said "He just won my respect, sort of." HOW DO YOU FEEL?

Brother: Like death. The runner up and I spent the next 20 minutes chugging water and trying to purge in the bathroom, but were unsuccessful. I went through a shaking-sweating stage… now I’m cold.

Me: Ew. Sorry. What kind of donuts? Please tell me you won something?

brother: Krispy Creme

Me: omg.

Postscript: I still don't know if he won anything. But I did find out what people in his company were doing later that same day: Someone at his work organized a night out that involved a Disco Bus and bar hopping. What is a disco bus, you ask? Well, I think it is a refurbished school bus, with dancing poles, a disco ball, loud music, and a keg. And the bus drives you to one bar and then another and you drink in between, under the reflections of the disco ball.

I'm too old to even imagine how that is fun. So I just emailed him, "Are there photos on facebook?" and I've yet to hear back.


Enough family updates.

You know, I have a really long list of books I want to read, but this just released and hopefully in the next year, I'll have time. If you buy it first, can I buy the used copy off of you?: The Correspondence of Thomas Carlyle & Ralph Waldo Emerson 1834-1872 (Volume I) is now available on Amazon for 9.99.


Tonight I'm going to this reading at KGB:
Monday, November 17, Brenda Shaughnessy & John Yau


Tuesday seems quite.


This is happening on Wednesday:

2nd Draft Reading Series
Readers: Timothy Donnelly, Thomas Hummel, Sommer Browning, and Nancy Kuhl
Wednesday, November 19, 7:30 pm
Roots & Vine Café -- 409 Grand St. at Clinton St.

And then Thursday is the 4 Faced Liar Reading I mentioned last week.


Matt said...

As one palm is turned up and the other one down, I'd reckon he was once holding an axe or other symbol of rustic manhood.

Julia Cohen said...

an ax and a basket of apple seeds?

or a little baby manatee and a bag of cats?

Jordan said...

He's the Amoco Paul Bunyan. I grew up near this armless one.

Julia Cohen said...

the armless one is so alarming!

Sommer said...

there are these men all over the country. in fact, i think there is a cult devoted to them. members eat as many doughnuts as they can in 4 minutes.