Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Thrilling Biography of a Character that Is Both Real & Imagined Press

Somehow I didn't learn that Paul Newman had died until last night. Did you know he died? I don't have a television, do you? His salad dressing, thank god, lives on.


Nicole Steinberg has a poem up at Realpoetik.

I also really like Jeffrey Downey's poem from back in February.


I want the 7th issue of The Poker:
poems: george stanley, stan mir, cameron k. gearen, scott bentley, tom orange, eléna rivera, ben lerner, marcella durand, alice notley, elizabeth marie young, ange mlinko, kit robinson, chris pusateri, and mark lamoureux; an interview with anselm berrigan; and prose by joseph torra

I should order this before I go for broke.


This is an interesting article about education reform and the election on Slate, by Paul Tough. I'm a fan of Geoffrey Canada's philosophy of education (and Paul Tough's) and I wish they would both write books for my list.

I'm going to try to go to RI this weekend and visit my grandma. I'm allowed to pour wine into teacups there:

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