Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paypal President Press

Two nights ago I broiled red peppers too long. They were still tasty, but mushier than I would have liked. Good for sandwiches. Then I watched an episode of Brothers & Sisters and then I basically pretended I was "thinking quietly in bed" but was really napping. Also, yesterday I had a nightmare that actually woke me from my sleep and I can't remember the details but it involved the poets Chris Rizzo and Jess Mynes climbing trees, other people pulling my thumb nail off, Sarah Palin, and a car tipping off a bridge into icy water, and me trying to kick my way out of the sinking car.

Pretty exciting week, eh? Well, I'm trying to recuperate from the Ozarks as well a save my energy for this weekend.

I just realized that I have been spelling recuperate as 'recooperate" for my entire life and no one told me.


Last night I motivated & went to a house show to see Snowblink perform. Snowblink has an album release next Thursday in NYC so you should all come to it. I'm pasting below some photos from the awesome, but awesomely cold out door show:

There were Christmas lights glowing underneath some vines:

Did you guys check out the new 3rd issue of Absent? You should.

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