Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hold Me Tight As I Am A Very Happy Girl, Press

This Sunday afternoon, I read the new issue of Abraham Lincoln (#3) while eating a falafel plate, babaganoush, and yes, French fries:

Anne Boyer has an awesome poem that I read out loud to M (which is very hard to get me to do), because I liked it so much. This is the poem:


July 4, 1976

Dear boys,

7 minutes ago I became moody and grumpy all the time because
I didn't get my way and for nearly 13 years you have given me
everything I have ever had, and I started to get feelings, and
most of the time I ended up crushing boys. I break boys in half
and gossip about it. You'll sit in front of television sets. You'll
fall in love with me there's no in between. I can't even think. I
am always happy and quite active. Mostly quiet. Hold me tight as
I'm a very happy girl. I'm smart too because I will watch you
closely to see what you want me to do. I'm going to just love you
forever and ever! It's okay though. Please come and see me. I
kidnapped you to give you an opportunity to get to know me. I
want to make you happy and smile, I will give small little kisses
to show you how much I love.
I'll shine on you. I will have complete power and control over
your life.



There are many things I like about this poem. You should read more of Anne's as well as a whole slew of other poems by:
Bill Luoma
Jack Collom
Lyn Hejinian
Stan Apps
Shane Allison
Dodie Bellamy
Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl
Angela Genusa
Lanny Quarles
Rodney Koeneke
Tisa Bryant
Jennifer Knox
Jordan Davis
Robert J. Baumann
Jim McCrary
plus a special message from Joshua Clover
and cover art by K. Silem Mohammad

It's only $5 so click on the link above. Actually, they also offer a year long subscription for $8, a 5 year subscription for $25 dollars, and a 1,000,000 year subscription for $100. It's your call.


I'm also reading the new issue of the Denver Quarterly (Vol 43, Num. 1, 2008). You're lucky, since I'll give you the first section of Corrine Fitzpatrick's poem. Buy the new issue to read the rest, ok?:

Motion passing through historical fields, I got caught in a tree
Efforts to communicate, retrieve

Ideas lay at the base of numerous people approaching
Getting up to leave
Braids everything that bothers me

Interesting creatures, various
Rhythmic footsteps
Wheeled things

So many separate lives
Should get up and go


I forgot to mention that last week I heard Brett Price and Cindy King read at Pete's Candy Store. You can download a PDF of Brett's chapbook on H-NGM-N, but I'm pasting the first 5 sections of it below:

A Survey of Still Torches
Each second we do not clock out
there is a racecar here shimmering there is a toy being assembled by cranes

But such spillage comes unforeseen
the scattering of horses from coaches left on the roadside alone

They’re gargantuan
a whisper in the foliage an earthquake

Many figures sprout up from under
broken canopies sob from on high

And these slow moving ancients having lived with the crackling
of galaxies in their youth rearrange the park benches
to watch dusk swing curtain-like down from behind them

Cynthia Arrieu-King has poems you can read here and here.

After a relaxed night of pizza and whiskey, we tried to convince them to crash at our place but instead, they headed somewhere closer to Manhattan, and I got covered in a deflated queen size air mattress. This photo made me realize I never want to die underneath a rubber, shiny blanket:

Thank you for coming all the way out to Sunset Park, B & C.


Maya Angelou has been busy recently

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