Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Battlefield Where the Moon Says I Love You Press

The trash was weird today, on my way to work. Everyone was throwing out mirrors.

Also, on one block, the only two bags of garbage sitting next to each other held a) about 12 large bottles of Gatorade and b) blue shredded paper. It looked like someone got all hopped up on Gatorade and then decided they hated the color blue and tried to destroy it.

They did.

Since I've moved, no one has thrown out anything yet that I've spotted and taken back to my apartment.


I will pay someone $100 dollars if they write a really convincing and intelligent description of my manuscript (a la the artists statement). Just 2 paragraphs. I'm not joking. Email me and I'll send you my ms and you can tell me what I'm trying to do with my poetry. For $100.

Think how many jars of peanut butter you could get.


Travel safely to Arkansas. See you there.


Kate said...

by invoking peanut butter, i feel as though you're speaking directly to me. and i will do anything for $100.

Kate said...

or peanut butter, for that matter.

Julia Cohen said...

If you are up for the challenge, my lady, I will email you my ms. You can take a read and decide if you want to write my artists statement for me.

steven karl said...

I go with the minimalistic approach to artist statements. Basically, I say my poems kick so much ass that you better be prepared to live the rest of your life assless.

Simple. One paragraph. Done:)

or maybe Kate can write mine too? that is when I need one.

Julia Cohen said...

apparently you just have to offer her peanut butter and she is game.

Kate said...

sure, send em my way.

note: i prefer creamy over crunchy.

gina said...

I could use $100...