Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Intellectual Vegetation Press


Hello. I miss you.

You there. You're sweet.

Did you cut your hair or something?

Thank you to everyone who came to my reading on Friday. It was an awesome crowd and the other poets blew my mind into my bottle of hard cider.

I love hard cider.

What has been going on? On Monday I went to the KGB reading to hear Rick Barot and CAConrad. Both read incredibly well. I'm very familiar with CA's poetry but this was a good introduction to Barot. He recently returned from MacDowell so he read new poems he wrote there. CA's reading was, unfortunately, interrupted by someone who was clearly off his medication. Crazy Person slugged the bartender and then screamed at us all. Some of the things he screamed:

"He attacked me, he hit me first!"

"Show me the sign!"

"We can't wait forever. There is no infinity!"

"I'll come back and kill you all!"

"I'll burn this place down. You're all gonna burn!"

"Those stairs are dangerous! I'm going to fall!"

"Let me get my coat!"

It was interesting to watch the reaction of the different audience members. I hope the bartender's face is doing alright.

I would be wary of going back next Monday but the crazy person used the same threatening intonation to tell us we were going to burn as he did when he demanded that someone find his missing jacket (at this point he was captured and had his hands held behind his back)... so, see you Monday?


I've been reading these two lovely books (novella, poetry chapbook) on the subway:

Liquidation by Imre Kertesz:

One of the lines I like:
"The state is always the same. The only reason it financed literature up till now was in order to liquidate it. Giving state support to literature is the state's sneaky way for the state liquidation of literature."

Is isn't that what most people do? Create things so that we can war over the creation?

Behind The R by Gina Myers:

"...The people move in and out of
the security camera's range"

"behind the dirty ashtray on the coffee table
behind the post-it note on the door
behind the open hydrant
behind the headline on the front page
behind the stray spark catching fire"

Buy it here.

Tomorrow I am going to this reading:

ponsored by Wave Books and
The Center for the Humanities

State of the Union:
A Poetry Reading
Thursday, October 30, 6:30pm

John Ashbery + Dan Chelotti + Thomas Sayers Ellis + Nick Flynn + Caroline Knox + Eileen Myles + Mathias Svalina + Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi + Elizabeth Willis + Rachel Zucker

William Carlos Williams wrote: "It is difficult/to get the news from poems/ yet men die miserably every day/ for lack/ of what is found there." Join the contributors to the Wave Books anthology State of the Union: 50 Political Poems to get the news in Linda Pollack's Habeas Lounge in the week of the Presidential election.

The Amie and Tony James Gallery
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street
New York, NY


Then I am going to the Snowblink show:

258 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paypal President Press

Two nights ago I broiled red peppers too long. They were still tasty, but mushier than I would have liked. Good for sandwiches. Then I watched an episode of Brothers & Sisters and then I basically pretended I was "thinking quietly in bed" but was really napping. Also, yesterday I had a nightmare that actually woke me from my sleep and I can't remember the details but it involved the poets Chris Rizzo and Jess Mynes climbing trees, other people pulling my thumb nail off, Sarah Palin, and a car tipping off a bridge into icy water, and me trying to kick my way out of the sinking car.

Pretty exciting week, eh? Well, I'm trying to recuperate from the Ozarks as well a save my energy for this weekend.

I just realized that I have been spelling recuperate as 'recooperate" for my entire life and no one told me.


Last night I motivated & went to a house show to see Snowblink perform. Snowblink has an album release next Thursday in NYC so you should all come to it. I'm pasting below some photos from the awesome, but awesomely cold out door show:

There were Christmas lights glowing underneath some vines:

Did you guys check out the new 3rd issue of Absent? You should.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Urban Fisherman Press

Hey, I forgot to tell you I'm reading this Friday. Can you come? Can you?

Oh good:

October 24th @ 7 p.m. - Stain Bar - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

766 grand street
brooklyn, ny 11211
(L train to Grand Street,
1 block west)
open daily @ 5 p.m.

Hosted by Amy King and Ana Bozicevic

READERS: Sommer Browning, Julia Cohen, Patrick Herron, Brian Howe, Ken Rumble, and Mathias Svalina

We'll be reading, alphabetically, so no sappy poet gets his/her feelings hurt. Do I really need to give you their bios? Naw.


If you are up to going back to Stain on Saturday, there is a great Ugly Duckling Presse reading scheduled:

Sat., Oct. 25th @ 6 p.m. - Stain Bar - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Johannes Göransson, Fredrik Nyberg, Jennifer Hayashida & Eugene Ostashevsky!


Photo Essay Sans Essay from my grandmother's house:

My childhood breakfast set:

This last one might be my new author photo.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

You Can't Walk Away from Your Face Press

Thank you to Matt Henriksen for pulling together and beautifully pulling off the Frank Stanford Festival.

Totally worth waking up at 3am flying to Kansas City driving through Missouri to Arkansas sleeping on a couch one night sleeping on carpet for a few hours during a 12 hour reading the second night driving back to Missouri at 4am and returning to NY at 10pm on Sunday. Why? Because I heard amazing poets and scholars speak about Frank Stanford's poetry, read his poetry, and read their own.

I'll let other attendees tell you more about the discussions of Stanford and his texts:

waffle house, kansas city
Maj R Thrift, Kansas City

Maj R Thrift, Kansas City


Sometimes roads just end



biggest yard sign

panel: w/ j. peter moore, murray shugars, lucas farrell, and shannon jonas

pannel: Prageeta Sharma, JMW, Tony Tost, Graham Foust (and Susan Scarlata off to the corner)

Claire Becker:

Stephanie Anderson
Jane Gregory
Joshua Marie Wilkinson
Abraham Smith

Lily Brown
Graham Foust