Friday, September 5, 2008

We Said Something Yesterday & Added Press to It & Laughed & Now I Can't Remember Press

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be picking out two baby turtles. I have to get to Chinatown. They will be named The Troubles. I'll show you photos if it all pans out. It's hard to leave Brooklyn on Saturdays, so turtle shopping may get waylaid until next week.

Also, I need sneakers (I lost mine, don't ask).

Do you have an extra pair? A pair that's all broken-in and comfortable, but doesn't smell?



I bought a giant tank of Old Fashioned Pretzel Sticks to entice co-workers to come to my office and say hello. That's nice, right? Nice, but a blatant manipulation of emotions/hunger via dangling free food? Please conflate your hunger and easy access to pretzels with your appreciation for my generosity, altruism, and friendliness.

You don't like me, you like my pretzels. But hopefully they can't tell the difference and: I will become a national hero.

Actually, I'm shy and that's why food as a come-hither-in-a-
completely-100%-platonic-co-worker-kind-of-way is okay.



The new issue of Sawbuck is up, featuring:
James Belflower, Sheila Black, Richard Chetwynd, Steve Dalachinsky & Jim Leftwich, Ryan Daley, {Clayton Eshleman, Dean Faulwell, Lisa Fishman, Skip Fox, Kristen Orser


Somebody send me a book/chapbook to review. Ok?


The poem I'm working on right now is called:

"Someday You'll Be Replaced By Language & Then Nothing At All"

You like, eh? Eh?

I need to get out of my office. It's 4:58pm on Friday.

Cut me some slack.

Take off your slacks.


B.J. said...

It's funny that you would ask for a book, as I have just put the finishing touches on one. It's by Friedrich Kerksieck and Aaron McNally. Check it out...

If you'd like one send my your address and I will get it out immediately.

oh, I hope you got your turtles.

Unicornborn said...

if you'd like a book to review, patricia smith just came out with Blood Dazzler. it's hurricane-flavored, so watch out.

Julia Cohen said...

I'll email you my address, thanks for the offer! Friedrich is the best, and I don't know Aaron McNally (yet).

I'll look into Particia Smith's book. we had some hurricaning in brooklyn last night so I think I'm ready for it.


Ryan said...

I really like the title of that poem.