Monday, September 22, 2008

I Killed the Beast & Then I Became the Beast Press

Starting Thursday, I've seen 500 poets read and 500 small presses. Well, something like that, these are the poets I saw in action:

Samar Albuhassan
Andrea Rexilius
Ken Rumble
Diane Timblin
Jim Behrle
Daniel Nester
Arlo Quint
Bob Holman
Andrew Bishop
Celena Glenn
Mark Lamoureux
Ariana Reines
Adam Golaski
Damian Weber
Virna Teixeira
Jaye Bartell
Jeff Downey
Melissa Christine Goodrum
Ryan Eckes
Eric Gelsinger
Douglas Manson
Elise Ficarra
Kristianne Meal
Kathryn Pringle
Maureen Thorson
Tisa Bryant
Ana Božičević
Corrine Fitzpatrick
Nick Piombino
Stacy Szymaszek
and in a panel on race and experimental poetry:
Amy King
Tisa Bryant
Jennifer Firestone
Timothy Liu
Mendi Obadike
Meghan Punschke
Christopher Stackhouse
Mathias Svalina

Thanks to Boog City for pulling together a great small bookfair, readings, panels, etc. Thanks to those who crashed at our place and slept on air mattresses and couches. Also, thanks to those who came to my reading. I took some photos:


So, I'll show you the cool journals, books, and chapbooks I picked up over the weekend very soon.

I also watched Blood of Beasts on Saturday:

I really like the reviews on netflix:

"My husband and I rented this film, watched it, and it was awful. just terrible. We don't know why we put it in the player a second time. We can't explain why we watched the movie 4 times in that first 4 days of renting it. I can't explain why we can't seem to get enough of this horrible movie. I now own the film, and have given copies as gifts to my medievalist larper and gamer friends. We love this awful film."

"This movie would more aptly be called 'Curse of the Beast', since there was only one beast and he was cursed by Viking God Oden. The movie is basically a retelling of the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast, though many of the scenes are slow and the acting strained at times. Still, I gave it 3 stars because I like stories of Medieval and Norse lore and because it loosly follows the Beauty and the Beast storyline, appealing to the hopeless-romantic in us all."

"If I hadn't been playing World of Warcraft at the same time as watching this there is no way I would have been able to make it through to the end. I found it to be quite bad."

Typo 12 is out. Starring such poets as:


Also, the fall issue of Blazevox is up. Check out poems by Paige Taggart, I especially like the one titled "there’s a cable car leading to my face."
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Jess Mynes' chapbook, If and When, just came out from Katalanché Press. I suggest you buy a copy:


I can't help but think you're really kickin'.


J said...

I'm vaguely sure you didn't take those photos. I'm kind of sure the first two are stills from Blood of Beasts. I'm absolutely sure that last one is a flashback in its sequel, Odin Gets Roped by Create-Your-Own Ken Rumble.

Julia Cohen said...

I'm pretty sure all 3 photos I personally took of your face, while you were wearing an Odin mask, sleeping on an air mattress.


Ken Rumble said...

Or was it an air mattress mask worn by odin on the finger of Jeffrey?

Julia Cohen said...

you slept on Jeffrey's finger?