Sunday, August 24, 2008

Your Resume Looks like Microwave Popcorn Instructions Press

Things I thought about over this weekend:


dirty dishes

my deep deep love of suction

steamed up mirrors

fear of getting terrycloth stuck to steamed up mirrors when wiped clean


dogs that bark at you in the dark

my deep deep love of graph paper


I read a handful of poems this weekend from Daisy Fried's My Brother is Getting Arrested Again

Edward Byrns has a positive take on this book here: One Poet's Notes

David Sewell has a more critical take on the book here: Coldfrontmag

I've been doing some skimming. It definitely doesn't qualify as reading Goethe. I thought you might like this observation:

"Lastly, it is also worthy of remark, that savage nations, uneducated people, and children have a great predilection for vivid colours; that animals are excited to rage by certain colours; that people of refinement avoid vivid colours in their dress and the objects that are about them, and seem to banish them all together from their presence."--Goethe, from the chapter "Pathological Colours" in Theory of Colours

The above quote is not a good example of the book, which is worth reading for phrases like "In cases of milky cataract," and "That portion of the retina on which the dark cross."


The third issue of Abraham Lincoln is out. Come and get it:

issue the third
summer/fall 2008

Order it here:

"Our biggest issue yet is so frisky and slippery and full of pseudo-information and prone to inappropriate touching it will make you SQUEAL!"

featuring work by:
Bill Luoma
Jack Collom
Lyn Hejinian
Stan Apps
Shane Allison
Dodie Bellamy
Anne Boyer
Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl
Angela Genusa
Lanny Quarles
Rodney Koeneke
Tisa Bryant
Jennifer Knox
Jordan Davis
Robert J. Baumann
Jim McCrary

plus a special message from Joshua Clover
and cover art by K. Silem Mohammad


What's new with you? I want to see the new Woody Allen movie tonight.


Kate said...

does the title of this press imply you have not yet hired an assistant?

Julia Cohen said...

so close, kate, so close