Monday, August 18, 2008

When I Try & Turn Off My Phone It Calls My Dad's Doctor Press

Thank you to Brian Foley for inviting us to read at Brookline Booksmith. So much fun:

Mathias Svalina

Julie Doxsee
Janaka Stucky


We took the puppies to the Institute for Contemporary Art in Boston:

I sort of fell in love with the sculptures of Anish Kapoor. This one, for example, would be my ideal sleeping quarters:


I think I've mentioned that my parents are moving to Mexico. Most of my childhood/teenage belongings are in boxes in the attic, waiting for me to sort through them and decide what I should take back to NY and what I should throw out. One of the boxes was mislabeled as mine, but actually contained my brother's old journals and a Tree Diary (cerca 1994), in which he writes about a particular tree once a month.

I'm going to transcribe some of the Tree Diary 1994 for you (please note the original spelling has not been changed):

September 28
My tree is not
very tall. The leav's
are all green. Some
leav's have follin.
It is a crab app-
le tree.

October 6
My tree is still
the same. Some leaves have
fallin. None have changed
color yet. Most of the
apples have fallen too.

October 27
My tree is still
the same. The only
evidens of animel life
is the leavs
have bites in them.
Alsow moste of
the apples have follen.

November 2
I didn't know how wide
my tree was
befor studying it.
The date I predict
for my tree to bud
is April 2- because it
is getting warm and
it dosen't snow


I'll give you the rest of the Tree Diary notes tomorrow.


Matt said...

Tree Diary is probably the best poetry I've read all week. I think you've found your next chapbook, if you're into the whole plagiarism thing.

Julia Cohen said...

I'm not sure if I'm ready to plagiarize from my baby brother yet. Let me sleep on it.

Mathias Svalina said...

i hope the tree never changes.

Don't go changin', tree.

Julie Doxsee said...

Does Mommy have a face?