Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Was Going to Make a Joke But I Couldn't Think of the Term "Bubble Wrap" in Time Press

I've been interviewing a number of potential assistants. It's sort of exhausting and I'm not at the point yet where I'm totally relaxed and "old hand" about it, so I get a bit anxious before each meeting. I'm not complaining, though, as I'm quite excited about having an assistant soon. See my 21st century representation of somewhat annoying glee?:



Have you all been engrossed with the Olympics? I don't have a tv so I have no idea what's going on. What teams are you rooting for? Any particular athletes?

I've never really understood the Olympics, although I do like watching the gymnastic uneven bars:

The high beam makes me nervous, though, with so many little girls falling off:


On my way to work today I grabbed/started reading:
Mark Yakich's The Making of Collateral Beauty, a sturdy looking chapbook composed of 28 poems borrowing approx half the titles of his previous full length book (that I have not read yet).

In his own words, "The Making of Collateral Beauty is both companion to and descendant of Unrelated Individuals Forming a Group Waiting to Cross. Each new poem shares a title with a poem in the original book, playing off/making fun of the idea that all poems and stories are derived from the writer's actual life. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't."

I'm not going to review this, but you can read reviews on his website and buy a copy.

I think you should buy a copy.

Maybe read it and then read the older one to which it's companion. Well, that's the order I'm apparently reading them in. These are things you figure out at 7:30am on the N train.


I'm off to RI tomorrow and then Amherst to enjoy some poetry readings. Then I'm heading to Brookline to read with Julie Doxsee, Janaka Stucky, and Mathias Svalina. If you're in the Boston/Camrbidge/Brookline area please come!

No really, please?

Saturday, August 16th 7pm
Brookline Booksmith
279 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA


Ken Rumble said...

Best press title ever -- only (/possibly/) exceeded by:

"I Was Going to Make a Joke But I Couldn't Think of the Term "Bubble Wrap" in Time Press" Press


Sommer said...

read your pants off.

Sommer said...

that comment is a lot more menacing than i intended. maybe.

steven karl said...

Basketball! I've been getting up at 8am and streaming them on my computer. Been watching swimming too! Have fun reading.

Julia Cohen said...

I'm gunna read *your* pants off, Sommer. How's that for menacing?

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