Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Farmer's Market Never Lies Press

I'm going to a poetry reading and then a rock show tonight:

Saturday night at 8p.m.
John Beer & Dottie Lasky & Macgregor Card.

(Macgregor Card, are you a real person?)

The reading is located at 390 Seneca Avenue
(at the corner of Seneca and Stanhope)
in Ridgewood, Queens.
Take the L train to DeKalb.


I'm going to see Caspian & Yndi Halda tonight at Pianos. Maybe I will get a margarita next door at El Sombrero.


I'm listening to Car Talk on NPR & drinking lots of water this fine Saturday morning. Eggs are being flipped in the kitchen. I'm about to start the first season of Mad Men. Anyone seen it before? I hear good things. Women were more shapely in 1960.

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betsy said...

I LOVE Mad Men. Sadly, it makes me want to smoke. But happily, I love the dresses so so much. We are on episode 4 and can't wait for Netflix to get their shit together and mail us the right disc so we can continue the joyful viewing. Hooray! Let me know what you think.

Also, on a completely separate topic, are you guys in town the first week of October?