Monday, June 23, 2008

Wake The Dead for Dairy Night at the Palace Press

Fantastic Realizations, Wild Updates, and Hope for Your Future:

1. Homemade malts with coffee frozen yogurt are delicious.

2. I now refer to my apartment as The Palace.

3. I got a bike! I went for a ride on Saturday with MS along the water- the bay/bike path smelled salty and fishy in the best way possible.

4. It's impossible to keep negative thoughts in your head (unless you are a sick, sick person) while watching kids on tricycles peddle/wobble by.

5. You probably own a copy of an out-of-print edition of Jack Spicer's collected books:

They're not so cheap/easy to find, unless you're lucky. I have a copy buried at my parents house somewhere. In fact, I think I have two in the attic. And an ex-boyfriend took another one of my copies in 06. I think it's bad luck to find one in a bookstore and not buy it.

This is my superstition.

So last week at the poetry reading at Unnameable books I almost made it out of the store without buying anything until I spotted a copy. Had to get it. Even though this is going to hit shelves soon (well, seemingly August, 2008):

Yes, collected poems, My Vocabulary Did This to Me, from Wesleyan University Press. Edited by Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian. I assume they both wrote a new introduction or foreword. And maybe this edition includes some unpublished poems or poems that were published but not in his original collected books? Something new besides a re-print of the Black Sparrow Press edition?

I'm not sure, but I'm going to buy it and find out.

Mark the release date on your Google calendar (I know you have one).

I bet this means many professors will be teaching this in contemporary poetry courses. I hope it also means there might be a fun Jack Spicer reading in nyc.

6. Remember to go to the ACA Gallery for the reading this Tuesday at 6pm. Check my last post for details.

7.This Wednesday, experience the lovely poetry of J. Mae Barizo and Stephen Karl:

Home Sweet Home (bar)
The Reading At Chrystie Street
hosted by Steve Roberts

Time: 7pm

J. Mae Barizo
Steven Karl

(Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St)


Logan Ryan Smith said...

I helped Kevin dig thru the archives of Jack's notebooks and stuff at the Bancroft Library at Cal. The new collected will have a bunch of previously unpublished stuff. It's worth it to have the out of print book, and this new one, I think.

Julia Cohen said...

1. That's what I thought (re: new unpublished poems)! Thanks for confirming.

2. That's very cool that you got to rifle through Spicer's notebooks.

I'm a little jealous.

steven karl said...

Hi. The reading you were kind enough to post has been canceled. Maybe it will happen sometime in the future.

Julia Cohen said...

Hopefully, then, I will see you at Brenda IIjima's reading tonight.

steven karl said...

yep- i'll be there! and maybe j.mae as well.