Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tall Soy Latte vs. Toy Soul Latrine Press

Tough call.

Well, not really.


So, when I get home today, if all goes well, there should be 60 boxes of books in the apartment and 1 very tuckered out boy. Maybe I have enough ingredients in my cupboard/fridge to make pasta sauce from scratch and cook a nice meal?


Oh, really?

You want real news?

Not just updates on my apartment? FINE!

Yesterday's headline: Designer of Pringles Carton Buried in Crisp Tube

Fredric J. Baur, who was 89, had told his family to ensure his final resting place was the inside of one of his most famous creations.

They honoured his request by having his ashes buried in a Pringles tube – and a more conventional urn for the overflow – at Arlington Memorial Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dr Baur, who was a retired chemist and food storage technician at Pringles owners Procter and Gamble, patented the design for the saddle-shaped crisp’s vertical container in 1970.

His daughter Linda told the Cincinnati Enquirer that the packaging was his “proudest accomplishment.”

He also invented several other products, including a freeze-dried ice cream, which didn’t enjoy as much success.

His son Lawrence Baur told the Enquirer: “Basically, what you did, you added milk to it, put it in the freezer and you had ice cream. That was another one he was proud of but just never went anywhere.”


WAIT, did you catch that? He also invented freeze-dried icecream. I love this man. Do you remember when I ordered $30 worth of freeze-dried icecream and I was all excited about my purchase? Update: Well, it was sent to my home address instead of my work address and then promptly returned to the seller. And by the time I followed up to see if I could still get my order, they told me that the line had been discontinued and I couldn't get the product anymore. That made me sad. I had such big plans to give you all freeze-dried icecream with each issue of Saltgrass. Well, my dream was really just to give you freeze-dried icecream every chance I got.


I don't have Internet at home right now and I can't finish any of my Scrabble games. I was in the middle of at least 8 good games. For once, Kasey Silem Mohammad wasn't crushing me by 5 bingos and I was holding my own in the 3 games we were playing. Dang.


I just read a fluff piece about John Cusack's career in Slate and kind of enjoyed the analysis-lite: John Cusack.


I just got the new issue of Fence. I started reading it on the train but then it got so packed I couldnt open it anymore- so I will tell you about the new issue tomorrow. It's happening.


steven karl said...

Casually thus far I've read the new Fence and can't say I'm feeling it (& generally like it) so I'm eager to hear/read yer thoughts:) Picked up Canarium one yesterday and definitely enjoying it!

Kate said...

the inventor of the pringles can was from cincinnati? from here on out, i shall wear my ohio partial-upbringing with pride.

Maximum Etc said...

kate loves geography

Kate said...

and pringles.

Julia Cohen said...

um, i love pringles, too (good call, kate)

and i love canarium 1 (good call, steven)

steven karl said...

yeah it's really good- hope you can make it to the LIT party tomorrow (although I think you already told me you couldn't)