Monday, June 30, 2008

I Was Attacked by the Most Beautiful Pony in the World Press

I'm back at the Palace.

But let me tell you a little about NC:

1. En route, we stayed at the V.I.P. Inn. I don't think there was anything VIP about it besides the name. Also, it was a motel:

I had a feeling that the VIP Inn never washed the outer blanket of the bed, so I had to peel it off and put it very far away from where I was sleeping:

2. We built log cabins with nieces:

These log cabins are special because they have front steps but were built without doors (cabin on the left).

3. We played some game similar to tic tac toe that involved flinging the pieces onto the board with a purple plastic spatula thing. Then we got bored and played tic tac toe with our eyes:

(By the way, up until I did spell check, I thought spatula was spelled spachla.)

4. I had my first experience of southern buffet restaurant dinners. Unfortunately, I was too engrossed in looking at all the food options to take photos, so I had to find these on the Googles:

5. MS almost grew a moustache but then I was too negative and he shaved it off:

6. I started studying for my GREs. And by "studying" I mean "looking at vocab flashcards." But it's a start. A lot of the sentences they give you to contextualize the vocab word have to do with vegetarians. I think that the President of the Princeton Review has a daughter who is a vegetarian and somehow shaped the trajectory of the vocab cards. I can imagine the President of the Princeton Review sending out a memo and thus assuring peaceful dinners at home with his family.

I'll give you a few examples:

Bilk: to cheat; defraud
When the greedy salesman realized that his customer spoke poor French, he bilked the vegetarian out of 20 euros.

Blight: to afflict; destroy
The vegetarian feared that the night's frost would blight the potato crops entirely.

Boor: crude person; one lacking manners or taste
"That utter boor ruined my recital with his constant guffawing!" wailed the vegetarian pianist.

Cabal: a secret group seeking to overturn something
The boys on the street formed a cabal to keep the vegetarians out of their tree house.

Canard: a lie; falsity
The tabloid's feature story about a vegetarian giving birth to a human child was clearly a canard.

Can you tell that I've just made it into the C section of my 500 vocab cards?


Matt said...

Perhaps V.I.P. merely stood for Very Impressive Plaster.

Robert said...

until I was 21, i thought it was "espatula." (Dad was Cuban, spoke like Ricky Ricardo.)

Julia Cohen said...

even "espatula" is closer to the correct spelling than the direction I was going in. but this comforts me.

Mark said...

Man, I wanted to grow (or rather shave my beard down to a) moustache, too, but Rachel wouldn't let me.

What's the matter with you ladies?