Friday, June 20, 2008

I Think The Window In My Shower Looks Into My Neighbor's Kitchen & Vice Versa Press

I've not been so great at keeping up with journals that have come out in the last month or two, or even where my own stuff has recently published. I have a collab poem in the new issue of Past Simple, which I found by accident earlier this week. This issue also includes a line I like in Matvei Yankelevich's poem that goes like this:
collar afloat on blue water, snug / in the commonplaces of sneaker-like / shoes

And Anne Heide has this line:
The arrival of the car / is the arrival of the car / with me not in it.

You need to read these two poems on your own because I don't know html so I can't do the actual spacing of the line/words, which are different than above.


I re-found my missing stamp book (the "Forever" kind, with the liberty bell, that don't need additional 2 cent stamps added to them when our lovely government raises the price of stamps every other week). Now I can submit to journals again that require sending hardcopies. Like 6x6.

Let's all send out submissions together!


I'm going to share with you a little New York-centric news, ok? Only because I think it is a pretty funny/awkward radio moment.

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, Ikea opened it's (GIANT) store in Redhook, Brooklyn. I don't think anyone in Red Hook or the greater Brooklyn area is happy about this (although eventually, as we all know, a number of these people will fold their moral stance and end up shopping there).

Brian Lehrer, on his radio show (WNYC 93.9fm), was discussing (live) the Ikea opening with people calling into the station:

Brian Lehrer: Next caller. Jim from Red Hook?

Jim: Hi Brian. [Prattles on about the deletrious effects that 17,000 people a day will have on Red Hook.] It's like the whole neighborhood is being bukkaked in the face, in fact…

[Jim is cut off. Short silence.]

Brian Lehrer: Ah. Okay. Next caller.


If you do not know what bukkake is, please do not google this term at work, it will get you fired very quickly. If you are my parents, please don't ever google this term.

Have a great weekend!

Next week I promise not to write any completely disorganized, potty humor posts. Only articulate and informative posts. My motto is now "High Brow from here on out."

"High Brow or Bust"?


Unibrow or bust?



Maximum Etc said...

so the window in your neighbor's shower also looks into your kitchen?

i wonder if the architects designed it that way, with tesselating points of view so every shower looks into a kitchen, and every kitchen into a shower.

you must live on the sexiest slash creepiest block ever.

Maximum Etc said...

ps we should invite jim from red hook to hang out sometime. his politics are in the right place, plus he obviously knows how to party.

Julia Cohen said...

to your first comment:

there is a window in my bathroom so when I am in the shower, I can look directly into my neighbor's kitchen. And they, I guess, could see me in the show...? Although my window is a bit higher so they would have to look up on purpose, I think. I'm not sure if my kitchen looks into someone's shower. Now I will have to check.

in response to your second comment:


Maximum Etc said...

good thing you specified which response went with which comment.

FirstPersonArts said...

I love this blog.