Monday, May 12, 2008

Roommate Press

Tonight I'm having an open house for my room/apt.

The ad in my head goes something like this:

You want to pay $600 and live in Parkslope, right?
You want to live next to the R and the F train, right?
You're 25-30-something and happy having two roommates, right?


One is very neat, funny, charming (female). She has a nice butt.

The other is a little odder and messier, but a good person, and living with someone new will keep him in line. He is tall.

Only $600! Parkslope! Communal: living room /kitchen/ bathroom.
Come on, live a little. Have a Parkslope adventure. Oh, there is also an awesome roof. You can have cookouts on it, sunbath (I know you need to), and nap up there.

Did I persuade you? Anyways, if you feel like keeping me company tonight while I meet people and evaluate their compatibility with my other two roommates, you should come over at 6pm. Email me. We can eat cookies and read the new Boog City w/ an interview with Eileen Myles:

I'm moving to Sunset Park. Unless signing the lease was a scam, I should be getting my keys at the end of this week. Basically all I have for the new apartment is a coffee table and lots of poetry books. I'm working on this. I'm determined to make this place look gracious & comfortable.


Matthew Zapruder and David Lehman are reading at KGB tonight. I can't go, obviously, but if you do, you should tell me how it goes.


I'm going to tao Lin's book launch this Thursday. It's in DUMBO, at his publisher's store, Melville House. It's very easy to get to, the York street stop on the F.

Tao invited you to "TAO LIN 'BOOK' 'PARTY' COGNITIVE-BEHAVIORAL THERAPY" on Thursday, May 15 at 7:00pm.

What: Reunion
When: Thursday, May 15 at 7:00pm


I'm going to post my brother's graduation photos tomorrow. Cap 'n gown.


Maximum Etc said...

who the fuck is tao lin?

Julia Cohen said...

"profound underground following"

Mathias Svalina said...

Tao Lin is that guy that zach's been showering with.

Julia Cohen said...

right, "profound underground following"

Cynthia King said...

Hell, I wish I could have been at the open house!

Rachel said...

It does sound like fun, even for people who are not looking for a room! I once attended the craziest open house for an apartment abroad, can you believe that? I was looking for furnished apartments buenos aires and when I called to Argentina they said they were going to throw an open house party for anyone that was interested in the BA flat, because they were going to show pics about the place, people who had already lived there were going to be present at the party, and they were going to give useful tips for those who were close to a trip to Argentina. It was so much fun, and I though it was a great idea from the rental company. I rented the place after all!