Thursday, May 15, 2008

Profound Underground Following Press

1) I'll see you Saturday, right? At the Poetry Goose Up, right? Goose Up info here: Info!

2) I had the grossest walk to work today. First I passed a condom filled with black goo. And then right after that, I passed a garbage bag that had tipped over and a giant ball of gnarly hair was rolling around the pavement like a hair follicle tumbleweed. I almost barfed at 7:30am.

3) An explosion of new journal issues are up:

a) RealPoetik features Mary Lyon.

b) typo issue 11. Check out Kristi Maxwell's poem Says Otherwise. And while you're at it, you should most certainly read Eleni Sikelianos's poem (SECOND HOUR'S RESIDUE)(public), with lines likes these, how can you not fall in love?:

a piece of an hour I mean
this piece of its index is
with ratios, reasons

“old as I look,” says the hour,
speaking through a woman at the counter

c) The new issue of Diode is up. I have three poems in that puppy. I love Sueyeun Juliette Lee's first poem A Devastation of Unknown Magnitude.

4) My horoscope told me I was going to have to "multi-task" to get my work done today. Thanks.

5) Ok, I am calling upon anyone in the world who owes me a favor.

Please listen up.

This is me, calling in my favors:

No matter what I tell you I want to do, do NOT let me see THIS MOVIE.

Do you understand? If I say things like:

"No, I want you to use the favor you owe me to buy a water buffalo and calf for a family in a third world country, instead, by clicking here"


"I've changed my mind, this is the best thing that will happen to us. Really"


"Look, it's ok, my horoscope told me I'm going to see this movie today"


"I love you, let go of my arm so I can enter this giant cinema complex"

or even the more subtle

"It will be funny, in an ironic sort of way...and we can drink whiskey in the theater together"

Stay strong, resist my manipulation.

I never want to see this movie:


steven karl said...

Thanks for posting all the online journal links! I couldn't keep up if I didn't have your blog.

Julia Cohen said...


does this mean you will protect me from myself and prohibit me from seeing the Sex & the City movie?

Sommer said...

i will never never never let you see that movie. unless i do. then please forgive me.

Kate said...

what am i supposed to do during lunch if i don't have a new blog entry to read?