Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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Oh, just a few good things in the air, they smell like cookies baking (what?):

1) Andrew Hughes's chapbook: Sweethearts of the Great Migration is now out.

"If Catullus had lived in the age of skateboards his name would be Andy Hughes. Let's call him a young, lyrical, New Englander who crafts the line into a bloom of self-effacing, reflective, and always funny-sad passages. These poems are indeed passages� passages into a creative life filled with promise, and passages into a forthright sympathy for the wobbly human heart." -- Lisa Jarnot

Andrew Hughes divides his time between New York City and Vermont. His work has appeared in Forklift, Ohio, Cannibal, Spell, Can We Have Our Ball Back, Bimbo Jim, and others. He is an editor for TIGHT, a literary journal.

ISBN 978 1 897388 22 8; 35pp
Stapled and bound into printed wrappers.


2) A lovely full length feature you most definitely need to own, and you will be the coolest kid on the block, since it just came out:

That Tiny Insane Voluptuousness
by Elisa Gabbert & Kathleen Rooney

104 pages
Cover design by Catherine Bourassa-H├ębert
ISBN: 978-0-9804541-4-7
Otoliths 2008
$12.50 + p&h

"Just more entertaining than poems are supposed to be. And I'm not using the word 'entertaining' as some kind of sly putdown either. These poems have more human interaction going on in a couple of lines than many writers manage in a couple of books. The linguistic energy and, really, virtuosity, can be stunning. These are poems that know what people are like when they're around people." —Mark Wallace


My time as a dogsitter comes to and end (Goodbye, Manca). I'm covered in dog hair:

My friend Sam came over and helped. He cooked dinner while I walked the dog, and then he roughhoused with Manca:

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