Thursday, May 22, 2008

Computer Proficiency Press

1) I had an uncomfortable dream last night that I had a moustache. Yep.

2) I had six pieces of toast with hummus last night for dinner.

Ludwig came home after I ate, saw the knife with hummus on it in the kitchen, and went crazy, "WHAT IS ON THIS KNIFE? WHAT KIND OF VEGETABLE DOES THIS ON A KNIFE?!"

And I was like, "It's hummus, dude."

I think because I used a cutting knife instead of a butter knife, he got confused about what i could have been "cutting into." Maybe?

3) I'm packing this weekend for the move. I need to be really packed this weekend so I can move my stuff in minimal time next weekend.

4) Have you noticed that the google logo that pops up when you go to has gotten more eccentric this month? They used to just spice it up for holidays and now it's crazy everyday. Like today:



Ok, I couldn't find Mondays.

5) When you get back from your long weekend, there are lots of readings happening next week:

A) Well, actually starting Saturday, Frank Sherlock tells me:

Saturday May 31 @3:30pm
The Enclave presents
Frank Sherlock, Yew Leong Lee & Brandon Holmquest
Kenny's Castaways
157 Bleecker Street NYC

I'll be reading with translator/ poet/ editor/ all'round practitioner of the important work of the word Brandon Holmquest. I'm also looking forward to meeting/hearing Singaporean sensation Yew Leong Lee, a fiction & nonfictioneer that has appeared in many publications we read, from H.O.W journal to New York Times Magazine.

See you there!

b) WEDNESDAY: There is no way in hell I am missing this. David Goldstein who teaches at York U. in Canada, is coming down to read. You in?

6X6 Salon @ The Kitchen
Wednesday, May 28, at 7 pm
512 W. 19th Street, NYC
music and readings in celebration of the
brand new issue of 6x6 poetry periodical
from ugly duckling presse; copies of 6x6 will be on sale
readers (alphabetically): Corina Copp, Lawrence Giffin,
David Goldstein, Will Hubbard, Jibade-Khalil Huffman,
Douglas Rothschild. music: I feel tractor & The Quavers
for more info on 6x6 see

c) FRIDAY. My PARENTS are coming to this reading. The stakes are high:

The Stain of Poetry: A Reading Series
Friday, May 30, 2008 (7:00 PM)
May 30th @ 7 p.m. - Stain Bar - Williamsburg, Brooklyn

** Stein, Marks, Edmiston, Klassnik, and Peterson **

Leigh Stein is the author of many chapbooks, including How to Mend a Broken Heart with Vengeance (Dancing Girl Press, June ‘08). Other work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Bat City Review, h-ngm-n, Diagram, No Tell Motel, and MiPOesias. Originally from Chicago and briefly in Albuquerque, she now lives in Brooklyn and works for a comic book publisher.

Justin Marks’ latest chapbook is [Summer insular] (Horse Less Press, 2007). His poems have recently appeared in Cannibal, Soft Targets, Tarpaulin Sky and the Bedside Guide to No Tell Motel – Second Floor, and are forthcoming in Handsome, the New York Quarterly and Wildlife Poetry Magazine. He is the founder and Editor of Kitchen Press Chapbooks and lives in New York City.

Will Edmiston’s poems have appeared in The Tiny, Mipo and Lungfull!. Most recently he did a book collaboration entitled “Greetings & Salutations” with a Parsons Communication Design class.

Rauan (Ron) Klassnik was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. After moving to Dallas and then dropping out of college he traded sports and gaming cards, beanie babies, pogs and memorabilia. He now spends most of his time down in Mexico with his wife Edith where, besides writing, he plays around with the family birds and dogs. His poems have appeared in many print and on-line journals including The Mississippi Review, The North American Review, No Tell Motel, MiPoesias, Sentence, Handsome, Pilot Poetry, Sleepingfish and others. His debut book of poems, “Holy Land” released April 1st from Black Ocean Press.

Tim Peterson is the author of SINCE I MOVED IN, which received the Gil Ott Award from Chax Press. Tim lives in Brooklyn, edits EOAGH: A Journal of the Arts, and curates a portion of the Segue Reading Series in New York. Photo by Stacy Szymaszek.


766 grand street
brooklyn, ny 11211
(L train to Grand Street,
1 block west)
open daily @ 5 p.m.


Well, that's all I'll post for now. These are the ones I'm going to.


steven karl said...

Yeah that 6x6 reading looks nice. Tell me how it goes. I told Steve Roberts I'd go to his reading series thing over on Chrystie. Can't remember who's reading right now though.

Julia Cohen said...

Oh man, take lots of photos and let's compare who had the "cooler/funner" time, ok? Can we start doing that for any readings that take place on the same night? Split up, take photos, and make it a competition so the readers and curators feel really pressured and stressed out?


steven karl said...

I love the idea as long as we aren't the curators-ha!

Matt said...

Expletive, now it's my turn to be out of town and miss a reading (the Stain one).

I haven't used a butter knife in years.

AEG said...

Google progression made me laugh.