Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Goldenchild Press

I've been busy packing/unpacking. I am mostly out of my old apartment and mostly into my new one. Minus the unpacking part. Mostly I stand around and admire the shiny wood floor and my new clear shower lining.


I've been reading Mina Loy. Have you read Mina?

She is brazen in how she throws Big words around, like:

"There is no Life or Death, / Only activity"

"And the foam on the stretched muscles of the mouth"

and even "I am climbing a distorted mountain of agony" OMG- who says that in a poem?! Mina!

This is a piece of section 1 of her poem "Three Moments in Paris":

And the only less male voice of your brother pugilist of the intellect
Boomed as it seemed to me so sleepy
Across an interval of a thousand miles
An interim of a thousand years
But you who make more noise than any man in the world when you clear your throat
Deafening woke me
And I caught the thread of the argument
Immediately assuming my personal mental attitude
And ceased to be a woman


I love that. Her syntax.


Tonight I'm going to the 6X6 reading. Meet me there. I'm the one with the gnarly hair.


Joe Massey has a broadside available. He tells you why you should and how you can buy it:

Dear friends:

The Cultural Society is going to publish a letterpress-printed broadside of a recent poem of mine (titled "At Once" and dedicated to Chris Rizzo, it was written during the climax of what seemed to be an endless panic attack -- it isn't what you might expect from me), and they're now taking pre-orders. Copies will go out in a couple of weeks.

Follow this link:

... the top button.

Only a 100 will be printed. 7 bucks, S&H is included in that price. All proceeds go toward to the Society and maybe, for me, a few iced Americanos (necessary in maintaining my sanity these days).

This is a frame-worthy broadside designed by Zach Barocas and printed up on a real letterpress-machine, blue ink on sturdy stock, etc. You'll want to eat it but you won't eat it because it's too handsome to just chew up and digest. You'll want to digest it in other ways, dig.

Feel free to spread the word.

Love you long time,



It's that time: time to submit to Sink Review:

Dear Friends,

Sink Review will be accepting submissions of poetry and critical prose until August 1. Send 3-6 poems or one piece of scholarly prose to in .doc or pdf format. Simultaneous submissions are accepted – just let us know if they're taken elsewhere.

In the meantime check out new reviews of Sam Starkweather's The Photograph, Gunnar Björling's You Go the Words, and Fredrik Nyberg's A Different Practice.

Our next issue comes out on August 31, but before then we'll be publishing reviews of Graham Foust's Necessary Stranger, Shanxing Wang's Mad Science in the Imperial City, and much more – so make sure to visit Sink in the interim!

Please feel free to pass this along to others who'd be interested in submitting.

Best Wishes,

Douglas Hahn
Richard Scheiwe
Dan Magers



Matt said...

We read that Mina Loy book in a modernism class when I was a sophomore (the same class where I learned that Ezra is a man's name)--I liked it at first, then didn't for awhile, now I like it again, probably for good.

Julia Cohen said...

I like when that happens- settling into a poet's work.