Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Baby Daddy Press

1) The reading last night was awesome. Anne Carson's been in nyc since January so she decided to read the pieces she's been working on here, which entailed an essay on concepts of falling, helmets, and her father's quietude, as well as a dialogue between (Beckett's character) Krapp and Heidegger.

2) I knew that I would like Graham Foust's reading because I like Graham and I like his poetry. But I didn't know what to expect from Misty Harper since I hadn't read her work or heard her read before. She was so lovely!

Two Poems by Misty:

Never Fails. Slick with ice
then thick with blossoms.

Let birds subpoena the trees.
Let Miscellany loosen her ornate plot.

I was born on my due date.
I was placed on a red plate.

A nurse said O Sawbones
this one doesn't look too good.

Arithmatic of pestilence and light,
answer my hands their questions.
Answer my questions their hands.


(from the review Kunundrum)
The Mouth

The difference between rats and mice has to do with the structure of their teeth.

According to my dental receipt, the films bitten down on during x-rays are called bitewings.

I began menstruating in a waiting room. My grandmother was being fitted for new dentures.

My tongue is not precise enough to count all my teeth; the bottom front ones blur.

Teeth are not quite bone.

The box at work said CELLO WRAPPED TOOTHPICKS.
Though the box was very small, there was a brief rising
in me and a lurch as I realized that cello was short
for cellophane.

I’m reading a biography of a writer who was very private.
The biographer notes that in a car accident in Paris,
the writer damaged her teeth, which were in poor shape already.
In thirteen of the book’s photographs of her, her mouth is closed.
Her lips are parted in one, and she is a baby.

Instructions on how to draw lips mostly discuss light and say
you will often want to make the corners of the mouth very dark.


It's spring, so poetry journals are in full bloom.

The new issue of Coconut:

Coconut 12—featuring new poems and collaborations by David Trinidad, Jeffery Conway, Gillian McCain, Reb Livingston, Chelsey Minnis, Elizabeth Treadwell, Christopher Salerno, Lauren Spohrer, Terita Heath-Wlaz, Tyler Carter, Elisa Gabbert, Michael Ball, Brenda Iijima, Sam Truitt, Jessica Piazza, Claire Hero, Matthew Zapruder, James Sanders, Linnea Ogden, Emily Kendal Frey, KC Trommer, Gina Myers, and Seth Landman—has dropped from the palm! Come visit at www.coconutpoetry.org

Check out Gina Myers' poem "Love Poem to Someone I Do Not Love," it burns.


Elisa Gabbert's poem, "Poem without Free Will" has a killer first stanza (so go read the rest of it):

Scatterplot of insect parts,
needle over E, karaoke


In the second line of Brenda Iijima's poem,"Raw Empire in the Form of Limbs" she hits you with:

...Just look at these gallant men on horses
Spears casting earthward Main marbled hallway gilded bedecked
Status says we can shave thin slices of pink
This meat that is the leg is


I'm going to go turn in my MFA thesis now.


Matt said...

Misty Harper was a name I remembered from IU, but I'd never read her work either. Now I want to.

Julia Cohen said...

It's hard to find her stuff online. I guess we need to buy the PSA chapbook.