Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And 1,000 Babysnakes Shalt Flow out the Door as You Open It Press

I am extremely pleased to let you know, (if you didn't know already,) that Justin Marks won the New Issues Poetry Prize this month. Read the deets here: New Issues

This is what the Judge, Carl Phillips, had to say:

“‘I wake, my not-yet-self/projecting back on the life I rise into.’ That’s but one example of the kind of logic (and syntax) that informs the poems of A Million in Prizes, a logic that often resists initial sense, only to reward with a clarity and maturity of insight that make these poems more powerful—more persuasive—with each reading.” —Carl Phillips

In celebration, I am resurrecting (this is the second time I have used/typed the word "resurrecting" today) my favorite Justin Marks clip. Turn up the volume, dude:

God, this never gets old.


If you have chapbooks or books or cool journal issues I don't know about that are releasing soon, feel free to send me the release info and I'll post it. I only know about what gets sent/emailed to me.


I was very exhausted after the Poetry Goose Up! on Saturday. But it was a great turn-out. Even though it went from 4pm-8:30pm, there was always between 30-50 people present. THANK YOU to everyone who braved the treacherous subways on Saturday to come to Greenpoint. (Like any long reading, there were some ups and downs, but) the readers were amazing, focused, and gracious, and the audience was supportive and very attractive. I mean, supportive and very attentive.

Thank you. I was blown away by the poets I already know as well as the ones I heard read for the first time.


Again, if there is anyone who ordered a copy of Saltgrass and didn't receive theirs, let me know and I'll send it to you ASAP and include a mix tape.

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