Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sir, Sir, Your Rat Tail Is In My Deli Meat Press

I apologize in advance for that press name.

Anyways, I hope you are coming to my reading on Sunday? Yes? Thanks. I will pretend not to be nervous just for you. But I will be nervous.


I think I might go to this on Thursday:

The Poetry Brothel will be performing once again at the Jonathan Shorr Gallery (109 Crosby St. @ Prince) on Thursday, March 13th from 6pm to Midnight. Come hear:

Christine Hamm
Kate Hall
Nick Adamski
Robert Cunningham
Dottie Lasky
etc etc

"enjoy all our poetic temptresses in private readings as per usual. Don't forget the blackjack, tarot readings (by our Poet Prophet Robert Cunningham), The Baby Soda Jazz Band will be performing, and Anthony Zito will be doing live painting."

I am not sure what this thing is. I'm guessing it's organized by New School MFA students in cahoots with Jonathan Shorr, the gallery owner? Since I can't visualize the situation, I'm not going to think about "private readings" because that terrifies me, and I'll just go. See for myself. Report back to you. I'm planning on being a wallflower to the poetic debauchery. The poster I was sent for it:

I'm going to be working late so I figured I could show up around 9pm and see how things have unfolded.
My friends are always emailing me the most adorable photos of their baby nieces, nephews, and cousins. I never get to send my own because all my cousins are between the ages of 17-27: Not that cute & no kids yet. BUT, my second cousin has a two year old I hung out with this weekend. My parents brought him my brother's old rocking horse. He went to town:

I had an egg with two yolks:


Julie Doxsee said...

On my laptop screen I can see the eggs and the slugs together when I scroll just right. I could go on about their similarities, but you would never eat slugs again.

Tinaeatyourham said...

I'm fairly certain that duel-yoked eggs are harbingers of terrible, terrible luck. So are eclipses. To the Mayans.