Monday, March 31, 2008

Sarcasm & Cashmere Press

When I was in college some girls on my freshman hallway listened to Teegan & Sara. I did not like them then (the girls on the hallway as well as the twin sister band). I have a hunch that on the whole, I would not like Teegan & Sara now, as I hear a song every so often, and I'm never impressed. HOWEVER, a friend just played this song for me and I'm totally a sucker for it:
"Back In Your Head":

Does this make me lame?


On Wednesday night I am going to do this:

Lots of Things Like This
organized by Dave Eggers

April 2 - May 10, 2008

Opening reception: Wed, April 2, 6-8PM

With works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Leonard Cohen, David Berman, Ted Berrigan, Joe Brainard, Georges Braque, Jeffrey Brown, R. Crumb, Henry Darger, Marcel Duchamp, CM Evans, Shephard Fairey, David Godbold, Alasdair Gray, Philip Guston, Paul Hornschemeier, Jay Howell, Chris Johanson, Maira Kalman, Kenneth Koch, David Mamet, Quenton Miller, Tucker Nichols, Alice Notley, Ron Padgett, Raymond Pettibon, Dan Perjovschi, Amy Jean Porter, Steve Powers, Royal Art Lodge, Peter Saul, George Schneeman, Olga Scholten, David Shrigley, Shel Silverstein, Nedko Solakov, Ralph Steadman, William Steig, Saul Steinberg, and Kurt Vonnegut

This show will explore a very small and specific type of artmaking exemplified by contemporary people like David Shrigley, Raymond Pettibon, Nedko Solakov, and Tucker Nichols. This kind of art, which we refuse to name, is somewhat crude, usually irreverent, and always funny. It exists somewhere between one-panel cartoons and text-based art. What we're talking about, basically, is a show of about 100 works that subscribe (unknowingly) to the following criteria: a) they're drawings, usually very basic or crude; b) these drawings are accompanied by hand-drawn text on the artwork, and this text refers to the drawing, much like a caption; c) this caption-text is funny. So in many ways you might say these are cartoons, because we’ve just listed the qualifications of a cartoon. But the works in this show are usually found in galleries, not newspapers or magazines, and so we have something interesting to think about: Is humor allowed in art, and in what forms? Are captions allowed in art, and why? And most importantly, why doesn’t David Shrigley spell better?
- Dave Eggers

291 Church Street, New York, NY 10013
t. 212.431.5270 f. 646.827.2487
apexart is a tax-deductible 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization

I've avoided reading the actual description, just want the lineup, & I'm really looking forward to seeing Darger up close as well as Basquiat, and what sort of drawings does Alice Notley do?!!


Last week was a bad week:

-serious rent problems
-consistently no hot water for necessary showers (not related to my other, self-induced rent problems)
-second week straight of 9-5pm conference meetings inside a hotel
-getting sick, not helped by taking cold showers
-other things

= Julia fell apart at home & tried not to fall apart near strangers on the subway.

I hate it when I fall apart, it makes me feel like I'm losing perspective. I mean, I think I do lose perspective when I'm sick and tired and my world view shrinks to the inside of a snowglobe. And the snowglobe is inside my head. That's bad news. I am much better this week. And really appreciative of the numerous friends who made me leave my cold water apt and hang out this last weekend.

Still no hot water, though.

The new journal Fou has their fist issue up. The usual suspects with solid poems. I made my way through most of them this morning and I'll go back for a second round this evening:


I think that if I could sew whales onto all of my clothing, I would be a happier person. Or just mountain peaks with a fox at the bottom. Yes, I think I so.

There is more work on my desk to do.


Matt said...

I am also lame--that song was once in my top 25 on iTunes. Lame and proud.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

NO! Yr not lame. The thing about Tegan & Sara is that before THE CON and SO JEALOUS, they were FUCKING TERRIBLE! Like, ridiculously embarassing and bad and just puke-ish. But these last few albums are soooo good. I still listen to them over and over.